Thursday, June 25, 2009

Uncover FREE Hidden Benefits

Make what’s already in your wallet work for you by uncovering free hidden benefits

Information courtesy of American Express

Many southeast Michigan residents have been forced to scale back, however, perhaps a perk you loved and lost can be found again. Taking a look inside your wallet, there may be some valuable rewards and discounts that could be put to work for you. While failing to dig deeper may have been forgivable in the past, during these tough economic times, consumers can (and should) be turning over every stone to uncover hidden money-saving tips – starting with what your credit card has to offer.

Stone #1: Your Credit Card
In addition to earning you miles that can be turned into free travel, a good travel rewards credit cards can also have valuable travel and retail benefits. For example, at no extra cost, the Delta SkyMiles Card from American Express offers cardmembers:
§ Car rental loss and damage insurance: provides coverage against theft of or damage to an eligible rental vehicle when the cardmember uses the card to reserve and pay for the rental vehicle.

§ Travel accident insurance: provides accidental death and dismemberment coverage for cardmembers and dependents while traveling on a common carrier when tickets are purchased on the card.

§ Extended warranty: extends the terms of the original manufacturer’s warranty on covered products up to one additional year on warranties of five years or less when the entire amount is charged to the cardmember’s card.

Stone #2: Your Organization Membership
Whether it’s a professional organization you belong to independently, one that’s part of your job, your auto insurance club or your college alumni association, many of these memberships come with perks that can make fun more affordable. Read your membership benefits with a magnifying glass. Hidden benefits to look for:

§ Cultural center discounts: provide the opportunity to get that day trip you’ve been putting off due to lack of finances back on the calendar. Many organizations take advantage of the local culture scene, offering discounts to places such as the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Science Center and Detroit Zoo.

§ Discounts to retailers, services and hotels: gives members the ability to wine and dine in a more budget-friendly way. Many organizations offer discounts with partners ranging from local places like the Grand Hotel to Target and the Geek Squad from Best Buy.

Stone #3: Your Corporate Discount
Is anything sweeter than saving money while you’re already getting paid? Many corporations have discount partnerships with a variety of businesses and organizations:
Gym memberships and health club discounts: might be the perk you need to get motivated. Local companies offer discounts from area places like Weight Watchers to your local fitness center.

Complimentary trade magazines: offer the inside line to your industry’s news and information.
Professional development opportunities: allow employees to take advantage of paid trainings, free seminars and tuition reimbursement.

Technology discounts: help to earn extra “cool points” by snagging a deal on popular brands such as Verizon, Dell and Apple.

Free tickets and discounted tickets: give that extra incentive to do a great job. Locally, many companies partner with sports and entertainment entities such as The Palace of Auburn Hills and Olympia Entertainment to get employees excited about upcoming events and concerts

Monday, June 1, 2009

FREE Subscription to La Cucina Italiana Magazine

Free Subscription to La Cucina Italiana Magazine

With step-by-step authentic recipes from their test kitchen in Milan, La Cucina Italiana has been the ultimate authority on Italian food and cooking since 1929. Published six times yearly, readers are treated to the classic tastes that are represented by Italian cooking along with tips and techniques.