Thursday, February 28, 2008


Terminal Treatments
The Arrival of the Airport Spa

Unless you’re incredibly lucky—or have your own private jet—you’re already well acquainted with the aggravations of modern-day plane travel. Overbooked flights, repeated delays, and dragged-out layovers can undo days’ worth of holiday relaxation or turn a simple business trip into a Sisyphean struggle.

Thankfully, a new crop of airport spas—walk-in treatment centers where wilted travelers can rejuvenate with massages, facials, and beauty treatments—are helping air passengers to cope with the strain. You don’t need a first- or business-class ticket to take advantage of these spas—just a little extra time, and the desire to spend it far from your drab departure gate.

FREE TRAVEL ADVICE: Amazing Airport Lounges

The World’s Most Amazing Airport Lounges
A new generation of airport lounges is taking the layover over the top.

Just a few years ago, the comforts that could be found in high-end airport lounges were pretty much the same all over the world. Comfortable chairs (other than the molded-plastic variety); plasma-screen TVs; an open bar; free Internet access…these were the amenities that first- and business-class travelers could expect to find, from New York to Paris to Sydney.

No longer. In these times of heretofore-unheard-of airplane luxuries (fully reclining massage chairs, sleep pods, in-flight manicures), airport lounges have had to step up their game, too. In fact, with amenities like full-fledged spas, private nap rooms, and meals catered by celebrity chefs, airport lounges have become less of a place to kill time and more of a place to linger.

Welcome to the age of the happy layover.
See our list of the world’s most amazing airport lounges.

FREE Michigan Travel Ideas Magazine

Hot off the Press
Looking for the perfect getaway? The new Michigan Travel Ideas is full of suggestions for seasonal getaways, winery tours, golf outings, and day trips.

The new Michigan Travel Ideas is full of suggestions for seasonal getaways, winery tours, golf outings and day trips.

The book also features a run down of what's new and a list of things to see and do.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FOR TEACHERS - Michaels Knack Faculty Club

Join The Michales Knack Faculty for FREE and watch your students soar to new heights!

Michaels® created The Knack FacultySM to show teachers new ways to engage, create and build confidence in their students. Every child has a knack for something—let The Knack Faculty give you the power to help your students discover theirs.

As a member, you'll be inspired by:
<>24/7 exclusive access to online educational project sheets
<>A monthly e-newsletter featuring new projects, products and events
<>Email updates about new events and products
<>Invitations to special promotions, offers and sweepstakes
<>And much more—all with the convenience of a Michaels store nearby

Plus, we’re always adding new holiday, educational and creative projects only accessible to The Knack Faculty members, so check back often for great ideas.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Make some MONEY with your electronic JUNK

The site is called My Boneyard and it offers one of the more innovative ways to dispose of our no-longer-needed electronic gear.

It takes in used computers, monitors and the like, as well as mobile phones. Type in the brand name, model number, carrier and condition and it tells you how much it's worth. Then, if you want, it sends you an e-mail with a prepaid shipping label. Send the electronic reject back and they will send you a prepaid Visa card with whatever the market value of the used gear is.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Create a FREE Website-
<>Show off your pictures
<>It's 2008 - you need a website
<>No design skill required, we do the work
<>Customize with Widgets
<>Publish Like a Pro

Friday, February 22, 2008


FREE IS MY LIFE is looking for local businesses or organizations and would like to ADVERTISE on FREE IS MY LIFE, please fill out the form below:


TRAVEL to CHICAGO: FREE Easy Access Chicago Guide

Chicago for the disabled

Chicago is offering a new free guide for visitors with disabilities called "Easy Access Chicago."

Basic visitor information for city attractions like Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Wrigley Field and the Sears Tower are all in the guide, along with details on accommodations like ramps and elevators, handicapped parking, Braille signage and assistive listening devices, and accessible bathrooms, counters and ticket windows.

Other tips include how to get a 21-day pass for paratransit services or arrange free guided tours for visitors with disabilities through the Chicago Greeter program, or 312-744-8000

"Easy Access Chicago" can be ordered by mail at no charge from the Illinois Bureau of Tourism at 800-226-6632 or by visiting It can also be downloaded in a PDF format from

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

TRAVEL to CHICAGO: FREE Lincoln Park Zoo

During your next trip to Chicago, make sure you visit the FREE Lincoln Park Zoo.

Lincoln Park Zoo is a world of wildlife in the shadow of skyscrapers. Located within a verdant park just minutes north of Chicago, the zoo has been a natural, free oasis for generations of animal lovers, who come to hear a lion’s roar echo off nearby apartment buildings, see gorillas climb trees as the Sears Tower looms in the distance, or forget where they are as they immerse themselves in tropical rainforests, dry-thorn forests or spacious savannas.

We invite you to the wildest spot in Chicago, where each year millions of visitors marvel at wild wonders as they play and learn about the natural world in a living, breathing, roaring classroom.

Lincoln Park Zoo, Open Every Day 365 days a year and ALWAYS FREE.

Travel Alert: NWA loosens policy on frequent-flier miles as of 2/20

NWA loosens policy on frequent-flier miles
Northwest Airlines Corp . Tuesday said it will allow customers to use frequent-flier miles as partial payment for tickets. The Eagan, Minn.-based carrier said its new PerkChoice with Cash and Miles plan will permit any WorldPerks member to purchase reward tickets for any available flight with a combination of cash and as few as 12,500 miles. Before, most WorldPerks members had to accumulate a minimum of 25,000 miles before they could snag a domestic award ticket. Northwest also announced Tuesday two new routes serving two cities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Monday, February 18, 2008

GIVING BACK - Help the Breast Cancer site continue to give FREE Mammograms

Favor to ask, it only takes a minute....

The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on 'donating a mammogram' for free (pink window in the middle). This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors /advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site!

FREE Elmers Science Fair Planning Guide Online

Use these links to find help preparing and presenting your science fair project. This information will help you use your time wisely, organize your materials effectively and prepare a winning presentation of your project.

CHOOSING YOUR PROJECT How to pick a science fair project that's right for you.
PLANNING YOUR PROJECT Formulate your hypothesis, organize research, present findings.
DISPLAY LIKE A PRO Let Elmer's help you prepare your presentation.
THINK LIKE A JUDGE Understand the criteria by which your project will be judged.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks help for program

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit needs Lunch Buddies volunteers to visit children and serve as mentors at schools in Detroit.

Malcolm X Academy and Gesu Church School have the most urgent needs for volunteers, but Big Brothers Big Sisters has programs at 14 schools, as well as off-site mentoring programs.
Contact Big Brothers Big Sisters at 313-309-1600.

FREE Healthy Eating Website - Coupons and Freebies

A new Web site offers coupons, tips and ideas to help you live healthier. The site,, recommends ideas on eating for energy, ways to keep your body moving and heart-smart tips, among other strategies. There are lots of product pitches, of course, but they're healthy alternatives -- and most have coupons or freebies to entice you to try. Registering gets you recipes, advice and a free newsletter.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

FREE Ladies Fitness Grand Opening Celebration 2/16 7pm

Vixen Fitness Center Grand Opening:

Demonstrations every hour with opening performance at 8 p.m., gift bags for first 50 women, music, giveaways, complimentary massages and much more. Vixen Fitness is a private ladies-only studio. 7 p.m.-midnight Feb. 16. Vixen Fitness, 4731 Grand River #206, Detroit. Free.
Warning Ladies: This is not your traditional fitness class. This is fitness thru the use of Pole Dancing....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

DEAL Kroger Pharmacy 300 Generic Prescriptions for $4

Effective Feb 6th, Kroger now has over 300 generic prescriptions available for $4 at 104 stores in the Michigan area.

List of generic prescriptions & pharmacy locations:

Friday, February 8, 2008

FREE Kids Off the Couch NEWSLETTER

What is Kids Off the Couch?

Kids off the Couch is a free weekly newsletter for parents offering fresh ideas to get kids excited about film, culture, and family time. The concept is that you and your child watch a movie and then you pick an event in your city to go to that is tied to the theme of the movie.

For example, this week's idea to celebrate the "Year of the Rat" is to watch a film about the chinese new year and then to go to a chinese new year celebration in Metro Detroit.

Just signup for the Kids off the Couch Newsletter to get your weekly idea. Your kids will thank you for it...

FREE 9 issues of GO BOATING Magazine


Great News! Your preferred status makes you eligible for FREE business magazines. A limited number of these publications are awarded each year. Reply now and also receive a full year of Go Boating magazine purchased on your behalf.Each issue provides ideas for ways to spend quality time on the boat, including boat camping, skiing, fishing and cruising. Go Boating is filled with destination features, new product reviews, towing techniques and engine updates.

That's 9 informative issues! Best of all there's NO PURCHASE NECESSARY and there'sNO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED to accept your subscription.

Click here to find out how to claim your complimentary subscription to Go Boating, and see what FREE business magazines you could receive. Please respond by February 15, 2008.Quantities are limited, so click here NOW!

We hope you enjoy this special offer!
(Subscriptions are available only to qualifying residents of the 50 U.S. States,Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.)

Your subscription is sponsored by and has been purchased on your behalf by Fandango.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

FREE Podcasts from Henry Ford Hospital Experts

Podcasts from Henry Ford Experts

See and hear from Henry Ford Doctors and Nurses in Henry Ford Podcasts.

Heart Smart Podcast Physicians, nurses, and dieticians from the Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute will educate you on how to keep your heart healthy. This audio podcast features tips on exercise and nutrition, as well as Heart Smart recipes.

Minds of Medicine Podcast Subscribe to episodes of the award- winning Minds of Medicine television series, featuring breakthrough treatments from the doctors at Henry Ford.

Medical Minute Podcast Hear from Henry Ford clinicians on a variety of health and medical topics to keep you and your family healthy. Episodes are typically 4 to 6 minutes.
Subscribe to the Podcast

Kids learn Mandarin Chinese from new NICK JR. show

Kai-lan Chow is the cutest little animated girl since Dora the Explorer. In fact, she's a lot like Dora, in part because she's determined to teach her young viewers how to speak a new language. Dora does Spanish and Kai-lan, who is Chinese, is all about words in Mandarin such as ni hao, which means hello. Get in on the fun when "Ni Hao, Kai-lan" debuts today (2/7) on Nick. Jr. In the first installment, Kai-lan gets ready for a dragon boat festival.

'Ni Hao, Kai-lan' 11 a.m. today (2/7) on Nick Jr.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

FREE "Nutrition on the Go" HELPS YOUR DIET by using your PHONE

Nutrition on the GO

If you're trying to lose weight you're like a lot of people who've probably tried to do that a lot of different ways. It's a struggle for many of us. There is a new option that might help for some. Now you can get all the nutritional info you need from your favorite restaurants by using your cell phone.
The program is called "Nutrition on the Go". It's a text message service that lets you get nutritional information like calories, fat and protein on your favorite restaurant foods.
"We have 1700 restaurants in the database right now and we're going for top restaurant chains to start with," said Meredith Oliver of

Here's how it works- You punch in a special number, then enter the restaurant name and specific food item, and in an instant a text message appears with the nutritional information.
Nutrition on the Go is helping people to make the right food choices wherever they are.
And the Nutrition on the Go service is free as long as you have text messaging on your cell phone.
Click here to watch a video on how to use "Nutrition on the Go".

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

DISCOUNT Greyhound drops prices starting 2/5

Greyhound discounts some routes

Detroiters traveling to Kalamazoo or Jackson will get a break on Greyhound fares.
The largest U.S. bus provider announced today (2/5) that it is dropping fares on select schedules, including routes from Chicago to Detroit, Cleveland to Detroit and Battle Creek to Detroit.
“Greyhound has a long history of providing affordable travel,” said Dave Leach, Greyhound’s president and CEO. “In a time of increasingly expensive travel costs, we are continuing our tradition of low-cost, convenient transportation."

Greyhound passengers can take advantage of up to a 45% savings on travel Monday through Thursday and up to 38% when traveling Friday through Sunday. The discount applies to regular, walk-up tickets purchased in Greyhound terminals.

For fare and schedule information, visit or call 1-800-231-2222

Saturday, February 2, 2008

FREE: Mayor of Detroit Speakers Bureau

Mayor's Speakers Bureau

Mayor’s Speakers Bureau invite us to tell you about a variety of City topics and services

What is the Mayor’s Speakers Bureau?
The Mayor’s Speakers Bureau was developed to ensure that the community has the opportunity to learn more about the City’s wide range of programs and services, and a chance for us to get to know you and answer your important questions.
Community organizations, block clubs, church groups and business organizations can request a speaker from a City department to address their group and discuss City services and programs.

ADVANCE NOTICE: Detroit Plans to let NON-PROFITS buy foreclosed HOUSES for $2000

Detroit had 10,000 foreclosures in 2007, when the tax- and mortgage-delinquent cases are taken together. That is on top of roughly 12,000 foreclosures from 2005 and 2006 combined.
"We think it's a model that could be the beginnings of making a significant dent," he said.
The city put out its request for proposals from nonprofit groups in mid-December, and 27 responded by the Jan. 7 deadline. Diggs said he expects that the city will have a list of finalists in the next few days.

The finalists would have to prove nonprofit status, have home-ownership counseling services, experience with construction or property rehabilitation and financing. The Local Initiatives Support Corp., or LISC, a national affordable-housing group, is helping the city review applicants and plans to offer financing.
Mitchel Alexander, LISC program officer, said the national organization draws its funding from local foundations, banks and HUD.

If the program is successful, Diggs said he hopes banks will want to offer financing.
"It is our goal to qualify as many nonprofits as we can," Diggs said.
Once the finalists are chosen, the city will aim to process 100 properties, Diggs said. The nonprofit would have six to 12 months for renovations and then 90 days to find a buyer. If no buyer can be found, the nonprofit could offer a rent-to-buy option

Friday, February 1, 2008

FREE Video Advice on Avoiding Foreclosure

Web video gives advice on Avoiding Foreclosure

People facing foreclosure can now watch a video on the county's government Web site -- -- that suggests ways to deal with looming financial problems. "Saving Your Home Before Foreclosure Strikes" is hosted by Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and includes lenders and others who zero in on the home foreclosure crisis and how to contact lenders or seek federally approved counseling. It will be broadcast by some area cable providers this month