Monday, April 28, 2008

FREE Subscription to CRUISE TRAVEL Magazine - Deal ends without notice

FREE Subscription to Cruise Travel Magazine

DISCOUNT - Senior Discounts Website is an online directory of US businesses that offer discounts to people 50 years of age and older. We currently list over 150,000 business locations, which include the contact information, discount information and other information necessary to receive each discount.
We strive to provide the most complete and accurate listing of all age-related discounts for goods and services.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Some Safe Surfing

Ever worry about how your child's innocuous Google search for "kitten" could take a nasty turn? With the new subscription service KidZui, you can stop your protective hovering. It is not a filtering system, but rather an entire separate Internet of over 500,000 websites appropriate for kids for kids 3 to 12 years old. All of the content is preapproved by a committee of parents and teachers and is constantly updated and monitored. Plus, parents receive a weekly e-mail showing the websites their child visited.
Regularly $9.95/mo or $99.95/yr
Special Rate: $4.95/mo or $49.95/yr
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GIVING BACK - Wish Upon A Hero Website

Megan and Kurt Kegler had a simple wish.

The couple's 22-month-old daughter, Madison, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January. She had surgery, and now has ongoing chemo, physical and occupational therapy.
Because they could no longer afford their second car, they have to depend on their 10-year-old Mercury Villager to get their daughter to the hospital and doctor visits. But their two-hour round trip journey to Detroit from their Washington Township home was taking a toll on their car's wheels.

Megan Kegler wished her family had a new set of tires for the car, their lifeline, so she posted her story on Wish Upon A Hero, a Web site where everyone can help anyone. Within a day, Discount Tire in Chesterfield Township told the family to come in, and they put $470 worth of tires on to their vehicle.
"It's the best Web site in the entire world," said Megan Kegler, 27. "There are so many special people out there."

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Bodyguards protecting local women for FREE

Click here to view the story from Channel 4 news

Threat Management Website

I saw this story on Channel 4 news last night. The owner of the military style bodyguard company is giving back to the Detroit community by providing FREE protection to local women who have been the victims of sponse abuse. The guards drive the women to work and to court, check out their houses and allow them to sleep well at night.

The owner of this company should be commended for offering this service free of charge. Obviously they cannot help everyone, but the few that do get this FREE service are very blessed.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

TRAVEL ALERT: Bumped Airpline Passengers get DOUBLE compensation

Passengers who get bumped off overbooked flights will soon be eligible to receive twice as much compensation from U.S. airlines.

Travelers forced onto another flight that takes them to their domestic destination more than two hours after their original arrival time will be paid the full price of their fare up to $800, under a new Transportation Department rule that goes into effect next month (May 2008).

If bumped passengers arrive less than two hours after their original arrival time, the new compensation limit for domestic flights is $400, according to the new rule. The arrival time limit is four hours for international flights, and the amount of the payments are in addition to the value of the passenger's ticket, which can be used for alternate transportation or be refunded.

The new bumped fliers rule also applies to more planes, covering most aircraft that carry more than 30 passengers instead of 60. The previous $200 and $400 limits had not been raised since 1978.

Monday, April 14, 2008

FREE: Make your own Highway Sign Photo

Use this site to make your own highway sign photo and save it to your hard drive:
In additon to the Highway sign photo, you can also do the following:

Street Party Generator!
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FREE: Kids can make their own movie

Make a movie!
Qubo channel invites kids to create their own cartoon shorts

Would you like to make a brief cartoon movie that might be aired on a new digital television network? That's the opportunity that Qubo is offering its viewers.
Never heard of Qubo? It's a collection of kids shows airing Saturday mornings on NBC and Telemundo (in Spanish). The shows were developed by a group that includes Scholastic, a leading publisher of children's books and magazines.

It might seem odd that a company focused on reading would get involved in a television project, but most of Qubo's shows are based on books. Take, for example, "Jane and the Dragon," a show about a 13-year-old girl in medieval times who has a dragon follow her as she trains to be a knight. Her story comes from the book series by Martin Baynton.

"Jacob Two-Two," about a boy who has to say everything twice, is based on the book series by Mordecai Richler. And the show "Dragon" (a different dragon from Jane's) draws from books by Dav Pilkey, author of the "Captain Underpants" series.

Recently, Qubo launched a 24-hour digital operation, called the ION Network, that offers even more programming. And there is an interactive Web site,, that features a special challenge involving the 13-year-old "Zimmer Twins" (another Qubo program).

Visitors to the site are encouraged to create mini-cartoon movies starring twins Eva and Edgar. Web-savvy users can create their stories from scratch; first-timers can use built-in scenarios and add their own words. (You can get to this site directly at www.zimmer

We asked Rick Rodriguez, president of the Qubo network, what grabs the judges' attention.
"We look for interesting stories with an original idea or good dialogue," he said.
To sign up for the site and make your own movie, you need parental permission.
Qubo has received thousands of submissions. The network is going to add more animation options as the year goes on, giving kids the chance to be even more creative.
"What I just love" about the movies, said Rodriguez, "is that they tell so much about the personality of the kids who make them."

Sunday, April 13, 2008

FREE Family Tree Builder Software

Put together your family tree
Bring your family tree to life with photos

Publish your family tree into your Family Pages

Share your family tree online with your relatives

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

FREE 10-year Lithium SMOKE ALARMS for low-income residents

Smoke alarms available to people who qualify

As part of a citywide effort, the Detroit Fire Department is compiling a list of residents who are eligible to receive free 10-year lithium battery smoke alarms for the home.

To qualify, residents must be low-income with school-age children or seniors who are low-income, living in a single- or two-family flat home. Call 313-596-2959 to schedule an installation.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


READ: A Child-Rearing Reality Check

How deep are a parent's pockets? According to Pamela Paul, author of Parenting, Inc. raising a child in America today costs upward of $1 million. In an effort to give their children the very best, parents have been sucked into a consumer-oriented, overly competitive, me-too world filled with so-called "educational" toys, parenting "coaches," and $800 theme birthday parties for 2-year-olds. Just remember, a trip to the playground or a conversation costs nothing and just might enrich your kids more than that class in sign language or Mandarin lessons.

Learn How to Unspoil Your Kid.

FREE Local Public Transportation Directions on Google Create your own transit trip, complete with itineraries and maps

Google has done it again! In certain cities throughout the world, Google gives travelers step-by-step directions from point A to point B on local public transportation. Very handy if you’re in a new city and need to find your way around. Plus, the site tells you if it will be quicker and/or cheaper than driving.

FREE Photoshop Express Online

Photoshop Express

Don’t want to spend $600 (or more) for Adobe Photoshop so you can edit your digital photos? Well, you’re in luck! Adobe just launched Photoshop Express, a totally free, online version. The free version doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but it does offer the basic, most important editing tools like cropping, converting to black and white, removing red-eye and resizing. In addition to being an editing program, this tool also allows users to store 2GB worth of digital photos. So now you can share all your great snapshots with friends on Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

FREEISMYLIFE - Cheap is Good, Free is Bettter


Bad Economy draws Detroit residents to new freebie website FREEISMYLIFE

Bills! Bills!! Bills!!! Detroiters have too many of them and they want some kind of relief. Looking for ways to stretch their dollars to cover even more expenses, Detroiters are turning to a new online blog called FREE IS MY LIFE

This blog is written by Detroiter J.R. Harper who was looking for a way to cover private school for her son and entertainment without breaking the bank. "My son's private school education is my number one priority. With the price of gas over $3 a gallon and rising utility bills, I was trying to cut down of entertainment expenses but still go to fun events in Detroit that were reasonably priced." Not only did J.R. find great events within the city of Detroit , she also found most of them were free. "My friends could not believe that Detroit had so many free things going on. I started telling everyone I knew."

J.R. discovered that the Detroit Public Libraries were great sources of many free events. "Most suburban cities have only one library, but Detroit has over twenty libraries and they all have wonderful free events for the kids. There are three libraries within a 7 minute drive from my home in Northwest Detroit and they all have wonderful events that my son loves."

To get out the word J.R. found that blogging was a fast way to get up a website and update the constantly changing free event information. "There are many blogs that list events in Metro Detroit. The main focus of FREEISMYLIFE is FREE events within the city of Detroit." The website also lists contests and many local scholarships to schools within metro Detroit.

"Detroit is a great city with great things going on that many people don't know about --and they especially don't know that the events are free. I hope that FREEISMYLIFE will allow people to stretch their paychecks and discover the many diverse treasures that Detroit has to offer."

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

FREE BUDGET INFO: Living like a rock star on a has-been budget

Living like a rock star on a has-been budget
by Micki LeSueur

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FREE Credit Report

You can get a free credit report once a year via from all 3 major credit bureaus.

YAHOO Launches SHINE website for women

Yahoo launches Shine website for women

Yahoo on Monday (3/31) began wooing women with a Shine website focusing on subjects such as love, money, beauty, home and parenting.

A website launched at features nine categories the California Internet pioneer believes appeal to the approximately 40 million women ages 25 through 54 that use Yahoo monthly.
Shine will have lifestyle and entertainment articles from major US media firms Conde Nast Publications and Hearst Corporation.
"We're delighted that Yahoo has turned to so many of our magazines and websites for content for its new women's website," said Conde Nast vice president of editorial operations Rick Levine.
The website will showcase popular blogs and has an in-house news staff to write stories daily.
"Increasing the visibility of our blog content is a key element in driving additional traffic and converting passive readers into loyal fans," said Hearst magazines digital media vice president Christopher Johnson.
Yahoo will also channel content to Shine from other of its websites, including those devoted to food, finance, astrology, and health.
"We're executing on Yahoo's starting point strategy by ensuring that women who start their day with Yahoo are offered a more relevant experience," said Yahoo Media senior vice president Scott Moore.
"Yahoo Shine adds an important piece to our media portfolio, which already includes sites that are number one in the news, sports, finance, and entertainment categories."
Yahoo hopes to cash in on online advertising aimed at women.