Wednesday, May 7, 2008

FREE TRAVEL ADVICE: Save Money by taking empty water bottles thru security

I hate waste. And to me, there's nothing more wasteful than seeing garbage bins overflowing with half-full water, soda, and juice bottles outside the security area at the airport. It's a waste of money and resources.

That's why this tip, from reader Elvera Penner of Courtenay, British Columbia, is such simple genius. "We take empty water bottles in our carry-on luggage," says Penner. "[We have] no problem going through security with those, and once we've cleared security, we fill them up at a water fountain in the departure area, and take them on board. Sure beats paying $2.50 for a small bottle of water!"

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  1. When the ban on carrying liquids thru security began, you could not carry empty bottles (remember the Michael Vick airport incident). Now you can, but many people do not know this or are afraid to try it. I called the TSA two years ago to be on the safe side. I recommend and carry Platypus style water bottles. They fold up when not in use.