Tuesday, August 19, 2008

HEADS UP - Detroit College Promise

Group plans DPS college aid
Jennifer Mrozowski / The Detroit News

A budding nonprofit organization hopes to provide full college scholarships to every Detroit Public Schools graduate, starting with a pilot program for the class of 2009 at one school to be announced this fall.

Organizers of the Detroit College Promise, modeled after the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship program, are seeking pledges from individuals and corporations to help fund the program and create an endowment, according to executive director Nat Pernick.
The scholarship, when fully funded, would be offered to every Detroit Public School high school graduate who has attended a school in the district for four consecutive years and completes a one-page application form, said Pernick, a Huntington Woods pathologist. The nonprofit organization, which has $40,000 in pledges already, will need $500,000 to fund the pilot program, Pernick said.

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Program Highlights: Scholarships for all

Who would qualify? Every Detroit Public School student who has attended high school for four consecutive years and lived in the city for at least four years. How much would students get? That depends. The scholarship benefit increases the longer a student attends school in the district, ranging from 65 percent of tuition and mandatory fees for 4 years of attendance to 100 percent of tuition for 13 years. Students who want to apply will have to complete a one-page application.

Can I apply now? Not yet.

For information : Go to http://www.detroitcollegepromise.com/.


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