Monday, July 6, 2015

REVIEW: Jill-E 13" Sasha Laptop Bag: Style and Functionality for the Woman On-the-Go

Disclosure: A complimentary media review sample of the Jill-E Sasha Bag was provided by the manufacturer to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of the reviewer...

The Jill-E 13" Sasha messenger style Bag is designed with the stylish woman in mind, says guest reviewer Bev...

As a busy woman on-the-go, I was very happy when I was asked by FREEISMYLIFE to review the Jill-E 13" Sasha Laptop Bag.

First let me say I was thrilled when I saw this bag is so BEAUTIFUL and I quickly began loading it up with my technology - starting with my huge Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone which to my surprise fits in the front zip pocket (located on the flap of the bag) with no problem. I then attempted to slide my "not so tiny" smartphone into the interior pocket and again " surprise, surprise" it fit with no problem.

Love those Feet!!!
The Jill-E Sasha bag has nice deep pockets that will keep your items safe and secure. Another stylish touch are the feet on the bottom of the bag - I love that extra touch. The feet are made of the same brushed gold metal as the zipper pulls which makes for a very sturdy bottom on this bag that you don’t mind sitting on the floor.

The bag is comfortable on the shoulder and I like the cloth cross body strap. Most messenger bags have leather straps that tend to stick to the neck when the weather reaches 80+ degrees as it is here in Metro Detroit.  I also love that this bag is lightweight even with my iPad inside.

Stylish whether you wear a suit or jeans...
The flap on the Jill-E 13" Sasha Laptop bag is nice and helps to safe guard my items. A couple of times I forgot to zip the main compartment zipper but my items remained intact because the flap was closed.

The bag is designed in a way where it looks great whether I am in professional business attire or jeans. On the back of the bag there is also a pocket that can be used to store items or you can open the top and bottom pocket zippers to slide the case over the handles of your rolling luggage. I didn’t travel during the time I reviewed this bag but I can see where this feature can really come in handy.

Although the PROS are many with this bag, I did find a few CONS as well.

I was thrown for a loop that this bag only fits up to a 13” device (Editor's note: Jill-E does make a 15" version of this bag in addition to the 13" version). I know a lot of people carry small devices for business, but  I use a 15” laptop so I was not able to really utilize the padded laptop section of the bag between the hours of 7am – 5pm. But I do own an iPad which I use in the evening and on weekends so I did get the opportunity to carry this bag in the evening. But truthfully at the price point of $169.99 I would want this to be the bag I use for business and pleasure (all day).

A little more color please...
As I sat back and thought about the fact that this bag was designed for a woman I couldn’t help but wish the bag was more colorful, maybe a red or colorful paisley lining made of a satiny finish (just a thought). But overall, the Jill-E Sasha Laptop Bag is designed with the stylish woman in mind and and will impress no matter what your lifestyle.

The Jill-E 13" Sasha Laptop Bag retails for $169.99 and is available at


About our reviewer: Bev is a stylish Metro Detroit mom on-the-go who loves fashion, technology, and hunting for a great bargain.  She has been carrying the Jill-E Sasha around since her review, and although her oldest daughter tried to take it from her, Bev says she is not letting go of this bag anytime soon...

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