Wednesday, April 2, 2008

FREEISMYLIFE - Cheap is Good, Free is Bettter


Bad Economy draws Detroit residents to new freebie website FREEISMYLIFE

Bills! Bills!! Bills!!! Detroiters have too many of them and they want some kind of relief. Looking for ways to stretch their dollars to cover even more expenses, Detroiters are turning to a new online blog called FREE IS MY LIFE

This blog is written by Detroiter J.R. Harper who was looking for a way to cover private school for her son and entertainment without breaking the bank. "My son's private school education is my number one priority. With the price of gas over $3 a gallon and rising utility bills, I was trying to cut down of entertainment expenses but still go to fun events in Detroit that were reasonably priced." Not only did J.R. find great events within the city of Detroit , she also found most of them were free. "My friends could not believe that Detroit had so many free things going on. I started telling everyone I knew."

J.R. discovered that the Detroit Public Libraries were great sources of many free events. "Most suburban cities have only one library, but Detroit has over twenty libraries and they all have wonderful free events for the kids. There are three libraries within a 7 minute drive from my home in Northwest Detroit and they all have wonderful events that my son loves."

To get out the word J.R. found that blogging was a fast way to get up a website and update the constantly changing free event information. "There are many blogs that list events in Metro Detroit. The main focus of FREEISMYLIFE is FREE events within the city of Detroit." The website also lists contests and many local scholarships to schools within metro Detroit.

"Detroit is a great city with great things going on that many people don't know about --and they especially don't know that the events are free. I hope that FREEISMYLIFE will allow people to stretch their paychecks and discover the many diverse treasures that Detroit has to offer."


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