Tuesday, April 1, 2008

YAHOO Launches SHINE website for women

Yahoo launches Shine website for women

Yahoo on Monday (3/31) began wooing women with a Shine website focusing on subjects such as love, money, beauty, home and parenting.

A website launched at http://shine.yahoo.com/ features nine categories the California Internet pioneer believes appeal to the approximately 40 million women ages 25 through 54 that use Yahoo monthly.
Shine will have lifestyle and entertainment articles from major US media firms Conde Nast Publications and Hearst Corporation.
"We're delighted that Yahoo has turned to so many of our magazines and websites for content for its new women's website," said Conde Nast vice president of editorial operations Rick Levine.
The website will showcase popular blogs and has an in-house news staff to write stories daily.
"Increasing the visibility of our blog content is a key element in driving additional traffic and converting passive readers into loyal fans," said Hearst magazines digital media vice president Christopher Johnson.
Yahoo will also channel content to Shine from other of its websites, including those devoted to food, finance, astrology, and health.
"We're executing on Yahoo's starting point strategy by ensuring that women who start their day with Yahoo are offered a more relevant experience," said Yahoo Media senior vice president Scott Moore.
"Yahoo Shine adds an important piece to our media portfolio, which already includes sites that are number one in the news, sports, finance, and entertainment categories."
Yahoo hopes to cash in on online advertising aimed at women.


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