Thursday, November 1, 2007

FREE TRAVEL ADVICE: Disney World Secrets Revealed

Before you take your family to Disney World, you have to read this website:
All Ears Net, Deb's Unoffical Walt Disney World Information Guide.

It is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Walt Disney World. Deb has been to Disney World countless times so it is all here.

Before I went to Disney World in September, I did a search on this site for Animal Kingdom Lodge. I found out that every night at that hotel behind the pool, you can get Night Vision Goggles to see the animals. And you don't have to stay at the lodge to use the goggles. That piece of information was no where to be had on the Offical Disney World site. My son loved seeing the animals with the goggles. The site also informed me that animal face painting was available in Harambee Village and I made sure my son got his face painted like a zebra before we left Animal Kingdom.

This is a wonderful source of little known Walt Disney World info


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