Saturday, December 5, 2009

REVIEW: Walgreens SPORTS MOM Custom T-shirts

Walgreens has a new line of custom photo shirts designed just for Moms. The shirts allow for a photo of your child to be added to a beautifully designed logo applauding your role as a sports mom. The sports logos include Swim Mom, Soccer Mom, Baseball Mom, and Volleyball Mom. They also sell Palm Tree and Floral designs without the sports theme.

My custom Swim Mom shirt arrived yesterday courtesy of Liberty Photo. I was worried at first that the shirt might have a boxy, manly fit, which I cannot stand. But these shirts are made just for women with beautiful logo designs and a flattering shape that hugs the female curves. (Love that!) And the light coral color of the shirt is extremely flattering to all skin colors.

I totally LOVE my shirt. The photo of my son came out great and I love the way the fit flatters my curves. The logo design is both feminine and fashion forward. I will be the coolest, most fashionable mom at the pool in my new Walgreen's custom Swim Mom shirt. Now I just need Walgreens to sell Golf Mom and Karate Mom custom logo shirts so I can be fashionable at all my son's sporting


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