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Game Time Meals can be Delicious and Low Priced with DiGiorno Pizza at Walmart #GameTimeGoodies

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#gametimegoodies #shop #cbias
DiGiiorno Pizza is yummy at a low price! #cibas #gametimegoodies
DiGiorno Pizza is the perfect low cost meal for any game time event...

My son and I love to watch our beloved local Detroit professional basketball team play both in-person and on television.  My son has been a local professional basketball fan since I signed him up a few years ago for a team sponsored Kids Day Job Shadow Program.

The Kids Day Job Shadow program was part of a special MLK Day basketball game celebration and matched kids with stadium employees to expose the kids to sports jobs in guest services, housekeeping, suite services, merchandising, the box office, game operations (reporters and announcers), multimedia, and restaurant services. There were also kids assigned as "Team look-alikes" who dressed up in full team uniforms and took the place of the starting players in the line-up. The job shadowing happened during the first quarter of the MLK Day basketball game and then the kids got to watch the rest of the game with us parents in the stadium.

My son was part of the Kids Day Job Shadow Program for two years and since then, he has become a huge local professional basketball fan who follows all the games.  We had excellent seats to see our local Detroit professional basketball team play in-person last November, but we mainly watch the team on television and make a evening of it on non-school nights in front of the TV with a great meal that we all share.

Now my son's favorite food is pizza and my kid is your typical growing boy who can down an entire large pizza all by himself - with not a crumb leftover. Buying pizza from a fast food restaurant can cost a fortune the way my son can eat - and I hate spending lots of money on fast food.

#gametimegoodies #shop #cbias
#gametimegoodies #shop #cbias
Walmart has rolled back the price of DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza to only $4.50 each!
So I was very glad when I learned that Walmart had rolled back the price of yummy DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza to only $4.50 each - HOLLA TO THE PRICE ROLLBACK!!!

I love DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza because it tastes like restaurant pizza and comes with toppings that we love like Italian Sausage and Three Meat.

#gametimegoodies #shop #cbias
#gametimegoodies #shop #cbias
#gametimegoodies #shop #cbias

DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza baked up in no time making pre-game food preparation easy. My son is very picky about what he eats, but he loves DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza as much as I do.  And paying only $4.50 each for DiGiorno pizza at Walmart means I could afford to feed the whole family for only $9 while we watched our local professional basketball team last Friday night.

#gametimegoodies #shop #cbias
Yummy DiGiorno Pizza helps to lessen the agony of defeat!
While our team could not pull off a win on Friday night - they lost BIG time - we won with a great meal that made the agony of defeat a whole lot easier to stomach.

So when the Big Game takes place on Sunday, February 2nd, my freezer will be totally stocked with DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizzas from Walmart so we can have a great meal during the game at a great price.

If you love Walmart price rollbacks and like to save money on food like I do, check out DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza and other Nestle products on  


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