Sunday, October 21, 2007

Liberty and Justice for All, including the economically-disadvantaged

"With Liberty and Justice for All"
The Henry Ford has an exciting exhibit entitled With Liberty and Justice for All. This exhibit explores the evolution of American freedom through four key eras—American Revolution, Civil War, Suffragette, and Civil Rights. This exhibit is significant due to its educational opportunities and marks a major change for The Henry Ford, as it explores a social innovation rather than a technological innovation. It is also the permanent context for the Rosa Parks bus.

Through the generous support of the Knight Foundation, The Henry Ford is able to offer free admission to Detroit families that are economically-disadvantaged and/or otherwise would not be able to visit the museum and see this exhibit. The Henry Ford is partnering with Mayor’s Time to provide you this opportunity. If you know of an econonmically-disadvantaged person or family interested in free tickets, please contact Jannice King at Note: This is not to be used for school field trips.

To learn more about the exhibit, visit:


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