Sunday, October 28, 2007

FREE TRAVEL ADVICE: Ride roundtrip from Detroit to Chicago for $2.50

Do you love to shop in Chi-town or have friends there that you would love to visit? Do you know about Megabus? Megabus is a bus line that has been in business in Detroit since Spring of 2006. They only operate in Detroit between Detroit and Chicago. On every Megabus are 4 seats that are $1 each way. With a 50 cents processing fee, that total roundtrip price for these seats are $2.50.

My son and I took Megabus to Chicago for a vacation in August 2006 and I only paid $4.50 total for both our roundtrip seats. To get this great price, you have to book the trip when the exact day and time you want is first entered on the website: which means you must start checking the website well before when you want to take your trip. I started checking for my August trip in May. Also, be sure to keep your confirmation number with you at all times. Without this number, you will not be allowed on the bus.
Megabus has two pickup stops: Wayne State and Grand Circus Park. Once in Chicago, the dropoff point is Union Station where you can take the bus, a cab, or walk to your hotel. Goodluck!


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