Tuesday, October 13, 2009

REVIEW: The new AMC Livonia 20 3D IMAX Theatre

Tonight, my son and I went to the 3D IMAX Movie "Space Station 3D" at the new 3D IMAX theatre at the AMC Livonia 20. The new 3D IMAX theatre was just finished two weeks ago and tonight was one of the first IMAX movie screenings. So instead of this being a movie premier, it was a theatre premier.

Space Station 3D is a wonderful movie about the making of the International Space Station, which was a joint venture between numerous countries including the USA, Russia, and Japan. The Space Station was put together in modules over many years and using many space missions and the movie follows the missions of the crew that assembled the space station.

Since this was a 3D movie, the space footage was incredible. And since this was an IMAX movie, the sounds were out of this world. When the rockets were blasting off, people actually jumped out of their chairs - including me and Darryl!

This was a great inaugural IMAX 3D evening. My son loved every minute - although he did not like giving back his 3D glasses. If you live near Livonia, be sure to check out this new AMC Livonia 20 3D IMAX theatre. The new theatre opens this Friday showing "Where the Wild Things Are" in IMAX 3D...


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