Thursday, October 15, 2009

Movie Review: "Where the Wild Things Are" is Wild!

Tonight, my son and I went to the Emagine Theatre in Novi to see an advance screening of "Where The Wild Things Are". I remember reading this book as a kid and thinking that Max was one crazy kid. Well, the film paints a story of how he might have gotten that way. Max's parents are going through a divorce and Max is having a hard time adjusting and it drives him, well WILD!

Like in the book, Max runs away and ends up sailing to an island and meeting things that are just as wild as he is. My son loved the numerous fight scenes in this movie - typical boy! The creatures are so lifelike it is scary - a little too scary for really young kids. Since my son is 9 years old, he was fine - but even he was concerned when the story turned very dark that it was not going to end well. I told him not to worry, since we all know that Max comes to his senses and take his little wild behind home to his family.

Anyone that loves the book will love the movie, but please leave the 5 year olds and scaredy cats at home with the book instead. The movie opens this Friday. LET THE WILD RUMPUS START!!!


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