Monday, September 2, 2013

TECH: Use your iPad in comfort on your lap or desk with the iRest by @RainDesignInc

You need the iRest for the Ultimate iPad Couch Potato Experience...

Special thanks to Rain Design Inc. for suppling complementary product to facilitate this review...

Since I bought my iPad over a year ago, I have become a real "couch potato." After my son goes to bed, I love to lounge in bed with a lot of pillows behind my head and surf the web with my iPad propped up in my lap - with a fruity beverage easily assessable from my bedside table.

But lately I have been having the ultimate couch potato iPad experience with a new accessory that I received for review from a company called Rain Design Inc. It's called the iRest and it lets me comfortably use my iPad on my lap or desk and position it to just the right viewing angle.

The bumper cushions on the iRest...
Lounging in bed with my iPad
I attach the included bumpers when using the iRest in my lap.   The bumpers cushion the iRest legs so that the unit can sit comfortably in my lap. Adjusting the back leg enables me to raise and lower the screen to just the right level. The iRest is designed to improve ergonomics by preventing hand fatigue from holding the iPad and raising the screen so that it is easier on the neck.

When using the iRest on a table, I just remove the cushion bumpers and I am good to go.  The iRest supports my iPad both horizontally and vertically.  The iRest lifts my iPad off the table to bring it into a better viewing angle which my neck really appreciates.

I would sum up my review of the iRest as follows -

Pros -
- Beautiful design that goes perfect with the clean design of the iPad
- Lightweight
- Can position the iPad at pretty much any angle
- Lifts the iPad up off the table, closer to your viewing angle
- Perfect for use in a kitchen since it keeps the iPad lifted up off the counter
- Works with all iPads
- Folds flat for storage

Cons -
- Fairly expensive, but I have seen it cheaper than retail on
- Not as convenient as using a case stand that stays attached to the iPad

The iRest is designed for use with the iPad 2, 3, 4 and the iPad mini and retails for $49.99. The iRest is perfect for anyone that is looking for a way to hold their iPad at the perfect viewing angle both in their lap and on a table or desk.

Find out more about the iRest on the Rain Design website

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