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Let's get "down" and comfortable....

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In July, I wrote my first of three review posts that introduced everyone to DownLinensan online outlet selling high quality down, feather and alternative bedding products at reasonable prices.

Down Linens pride themselves on selling products that are simple, stylish and elegant, and all treated to be hypo-allergenic. This makes them the perfect choice for most people who redecorating their bedroom or just looking to replace, refresh or upgrade home bedding, like me.

DownLinens, a family owned business and a subsidiary of Allied Feather & Down, the world’s largest supplier of raw material for the industry. In 2001, after noticing that retail prices of bedding products were much higher than the company would need to charge to produce the same products, they created a line of basic bedding products.

DownLinens mission is to save smart consumers the trip to the mall by enabling them to go online and purchase the highest quality down bedding products – similar to those found in high end bedding boutiques and large department stores – at a much lower price.

In July, I reviewed two DownLinens Deluxe Down Queen Size Pillows which are now my favorite pillows for propping up my head to watch TV while laying in bed.  They are so comfortable that I feel like I am laying in a plush hotel suite bed.

Don't let the small box fool you - there is a queen size down comforter in there...
This month, to complement my DownLinen's Pillows, I was sent for review a queen size DownLinens All Season Down Comforter.  Since my old comforter was over 13 years old, I was very happy to get this wonderful upgrade.

I was very surprised when the comforter came in a fairly small box.  I didn't think a queen size comforter could fit in a box that small.  But the instructions said not to worry because good things come in small packages.

The instructions said not to be alarmed by the compact size since down is a breathable material that will regain full loft within a few hours of unpacking.  I just gave it some time and a little shake and it was good to go.  To protect my new comforter, I put it in a stylish cover to go with my bedroom's decor.

DownLinens' All Season Down Comforter is designed to work well in every season.  Since I keep the same covers on my  bed year round, this comforter is a great go to choice for people like me who don't want to fuss with switching blankets throughout the year. The comforter is designed to be warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer and so far it has been a great addition to my bedroom, although I do feel it is a little noisy when I move around in bed.

DownLinens’ All Season Down Comforter comes in Twin, Queen or King size, filled with 100% hypoallergenic down. Annual cleaning by professionals is recommended for the longest wear. Retail price depends on the size of your bed. For a King bed, the price is only $99.99.

Care for your Comforter...

Most of us don't invest often in good quality bedding.  So when we do, we want it to last.  So here are a few tips from Down Linens on how to keep a new down comforter looking like new...

Shake it out daily. To keep your comforter in top condition, fluff it once a day. Before making up the bed, grab one or two ends and shake the covering vigorously. Then lay the comforter back down on the bed again and smooth it down. This will prevent the down from clumping in one area and keep the filling voluminous.

Keep it fresh. Every three to six months, hang your comforter up outdoors for a day or two, but out of direct sunlight. This will keep your bed covering fresh and clean between washes/dry cleaning.

Spot clean any stains with warm soapy water. If you need to use a stain remover, wash away the residue with clean, warm water and a soft white cloth. Then dry the comforter with a hand held hair dryer, at low temperature. It can also be hung over a clean laundry rack.

Clean for Longevity. DownLinens recommends comforters are professionally laundered or dry cleaned every 3-5 months, as this will increase their longevity. If you choose to wash your comforter at home, follow these simple instructions:

• Use a very gentle detergent to ensure no residue is left behind. Do not use fabric softener.
• Wash on a warm and gentle cycle to minimize agitation of the down. Run 2-3 rinse cycles.
• Dry on the lowest heat setting. Throw a couple of tennis balls in the dryer. This will help keep your comforter fluffy and light.
• Once the comforter feels dry, hang it out to air in the laundry room or someplace clean in the house for at least 24 hours more, just in case, as trapped moisture can cause mildew.

Buy Online without Worry...
DownLinens' All Season Down Comforters start at a retail price of $79.99 for twin and top out at a price of only $99.99 for king.  Each comforter comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as well as free return shipping so you don't have to worry about losing money from trying out a comforter from an online company.

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For more information on DownLinens,  go to their website at and follow them on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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