Friday, January 16, 2015

My VIP Experience at the 2015 North American International Auto Show #7AutoShow #NAIAS

The Detroit Auto Show is where the Cars are the Stars....

On Thursday night, my son and I were fortunate to attend a Tweet Up during Industry Days at the North American International Auto Show sponsored by Channel 7 News and Specs Howard School of Media Arts. We are part of a group of about 100 Metro Detroiters who received complimentary VIP access to the show to view all the cars and displays up close and personal. After putting on our special Tweetup t-shirts and credentials, we are all set to view the pageantry.

The Ford exhibit was awesome and the Ford GT was the star...
As a Ford employee, you know I had to make a stop at the Ford exhibit where the all new Ford GT was on display and getting lots of attention. The Ford exhibit also has a lot of interactive displays, one of which is a camera that displayed a photo of my son and me on the ceiling (made to look like the sky) of the exhibit for everyone to see.

I could not believe that I was sitting in a $400,000 car! Thank you Bentley....
When we came to the Bentley exhibit, I could not believe that they were allowing people (in groups of 4) to enter the display and sit in the $400,000 cars.  And yes, everything inside and outside of a Bentley is quality to the max.

Best inactive display was from Dodge where the car was the video controller...
If you like interactive displays, one of the best was in the Dodge exhibit were the driving game controller was an actual Dodge Charger!!!

Alfa Romeo has a $10,000,000 car on display!
The Alfa Romeo exhibit pays homage to the past with some classic race cars on display that are worth over 10 million dollars. And yes, there are people standing guard to make sure no one touches these priceless cars.

With so much to see and do, make sure to check it out for yourself during public days at the North American International Auto Show which run from Saturday, January 17th thru Sunday, January 25, 2015.

Check out the NAIAS website for info on tickets and parking

North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)
Cobo Hall in Downtown Detroit
January 17 - 25, 2015

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