Sunday, January 20, 2008

Youth Savings Account at Telcom Credit Union REWARDS at Age 18

Youth Savings Account at Telcom Credit Union

Our youth savings plan is called Soccer Savings. This unique youth savings account matches the total interest earned at the age of 18.
At Telcom Credit Union we want to promote the importance of saving money for the future. We have designed a savings account for kids which will reward and help them save money. You can help your child develop good savings habits early by opening a Soccer Savings account for them.

Deposit $5.00 in their savings account to establish them as a member at Telcom Credit Union.

Deposit a minimum of $1.00 to open their Soccer Savings account.
The Soccer Savings account earns a premium interest rate equal to our Money Management rate, currently 2.0% annual percentage yield (APY), and is subject to change annually on December 31. Quarterly Soccer Savings statements will reflect the balance and the amount of interest earned. At age 18, Telcom Credit Union will match up to $500.00 of the total interest already paid during the term of the Soccer Savings. All matching contributions will automatically be deposited into a two-year Soccer Savings Reward Certificate of Deposit to earn even more money, and to teach your child to save for the future. As a bonus, you may add additional funds to the Reward Certificate.

We offer many more benefits as your child grows. At age 16, they can open a checking account with an ATM card or Visa debit card with a qualified parent co-signer. You can also help to teach them financial responsibility with a co-signed Visa credit card.

Then at the age of 18, if your child attends school full-time, they can enroll in our College Account Program to avoid monthly low balance fees. So get your child started today, with a Telcom Soccer Savings account, and help them learn to sock it away.

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