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2014 #HGTVSmart Home GIVEAWAY in Nashville, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid & $100,000 CASH - ENDS 6/9

High Tech meets Traditional in the 2014 HGTV Smart Home in Nashville...



The luxuriously furnished high-tech HGTV Smart Home 2014 is an English country home located in the Nashville, TN community of Duncanwood Reserve, which a gated community of only 15 homes. This home is part of a giveaway package that includes an all-new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and a $100,000 cash prize provided by national mortgage lender Quicken Loans. The grand-prize package is valued at over $1 million - HOLLA!

I love beautiful homes and useful tech products and the 2014 HGTV Smart Home is a perfect marriage of traditional and tech.  So let's check it out below....

Tradition and Tech make the perfect modern home...
Smart Door Locks on a traditional home...
The exterior design of HGTV Smart Home 2014 is inspired by homes along the English countryside, namely Tudor homes found in suburban neighborhoods of Nashville. But despite the traditional feel, this home is high tech all the way.

As you enter the house, the front door is controlled by a smart lock that is connected to the main control system in the home. It can be locked and unlocked via the homeowner's smartphone or Web-enabled device. And the front door is monitored by one of the home's security cameras. Homeowners can access the live feed via smartphone, tablet or computer. Sensors throughout the house can alert the homeowner to any intruders.

Powder Room off the Foyer is Lovely..
The Great Room hides lots of tech....
The great room boasts a traditional design approach with modern elements. Throughout the space, "we were trying to span a whole range of people to feel comfortable," explains interior designer Linda Woodrum. And the smart features continue in the great room with a flat-screen Smart TV is mounted to the wall that can move to different vantage points in the room via the home's smart tablet.

A tablet can also control the home-automation system including the ability to control the security system, lighting and temperature. With a tablet, homeowners can schedule multiple functions at once. For example, homeowners could set a bedtime mode, which would automatically lock the front door, lower the thermostat and turn off lights. A tankless hot water heater heats water at the source, using less water and 10 percent to 20 percent less energy.

The smart features continue in the beautiful blue kitchen...
Surround sound speakers in the kitchen ceiling stream music, making kitchen work fun and entertaining. Coffee is made easy with a stainless steel coffee machine that's programmable to brew a pot before homeowners wake up. And a chrome motion-sense faucet makes cleaning up a breeze with hands-free controls that activate with simple hand movements. The custom built-oak island made from reclaimed lumber is not only beautiful, but also very useful with built-in electrical outlets.

The Dining Room is made to double as an office
When you step into the dining room "there is a beautiful explosion of color," says interior designer Linda Woodrum. While red increases appetite, the antique hue "adds contrast and breaks up the white throughout." The room is made to double as home office with the Smart TV that raises up out of the buffet to use for Skype business video calls.

Cozy and comforting, the master bedroom is designed to be a luxurious retreat. Motorized roller shades on the windows provide privacy and convenience by automatically closing at scheduled times or manually with a tablet or smartphone. The smart TV features HD video with streaming capabilities and connection to the whole-home system.

A remote control for the memory-foam mattress base will adjust to accommodate various ergonomic rest positions. And a wireless control sits on the nightstand beside the bed, allowing the homeowner to arm the security system before falling asleep.

The Master Bedroom shower space comes equipped with high-tech fixtures and clever storage.Two remotes feature programmable settings for the shower. At the touch of a button, homeowners can wake up to a hot shower ready and waiting. Homeowners won't miss a moment of their favorite morning show when getting ready. A flat-screen TV in the shower provides HD video with connection to the whole-home system and streaming content.

The Kids Den is a bold and exciting gathering space packed with comfort and style. The vibrant blue can also be found downstairs on the kitchen cabinets. One of the home's two portable security cameras monitors the den, allowing parents to keep a close eye on kids while attending other tasks in the home. From streaming music to arming the security system, everything in the home is controlled via tablet or smartphone.

Kids can use their tablet or smartphone to stream music an watch TV. And they can wake up energized by using their high tech smart sleep station which features weather forecast capabilities and custom alarm settings.

The guest bedroom provides a quiet retreat with a color scheme of blue, green, white and khaki serves as a springboard for a preppy, sophisticated style. A remote control for the memory-foam mattress base will adjust to accommodate various ergonomic rest positions. The soaking tub in the guest bathroom features smart temperature controls. If the bath water gets cold, a touch of a button will heat it back up.

The basement is like nothing you have seen before with a home theater and a performing stage.  For the ultimate theater room experience, a large projector screen retracts from the ceiling. Ceiling speakers and two subwoofers, built into the wall, produce dramatic sound throughout the room and are outfitted to blend in seamlessly with the cosy design. The basement is also fitted with an electronic pet door that allows pets to come and go as they please. The door is activated by a sensor attached to the pet's collar. A wireless PetSafe GPS locator also provides around-the-clock protection. With a GPS-enabled collar, homeowners will always know where their furry family member is.

The two-car garage is integrated into the home's English-cottage architecture. A combination of gas lanterns, traditional garage doors and dark gray wooden elements adds sophisticated style.The garage door opener can be accessed remotely, making it easy to open and close the garage door from anywhere.The garage door is monitored by one of the home's security cameras. Homeowners can access the live feed via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The winner of this giveaway will also get the all new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.  What is not to love about a car that is beautiful and has high tech features that save you gas?

HGTV always produces an extravagant show to unveil the winner! And if you win, please invite me and my son for a visit - that is, if I don't win it myself :)



View a quick 90 second video below of the entire smart home ..

Good Luck!

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