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TECH: 5 Must have Technologies when Traveling to Universal Orlando Florida #FamilyForward

Clockwise from top left: Quirky Pivot Power Strip, Samsung Galaxy Camera, Verizon Wireless 4G Hotspot,  Xfinity Wifi,  Universal Orlando smartphone app
These technologies will make your next trip to Universal Orlando a breeze...

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, then you know how much I love technology, especially my smartphone. The right tech products make life so much easier.  So when I went on my recent trip to Universal Orlando for the Family Forward Blogging Retreat, I made sure to have the right tech products to make my trip that much more enjoyable.

Here are the 5 technologies that will make any trip to Universal Orlando a pleasure....

Verizon 4G LTE to save the day!
1. Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Mifi Hotspot

As part of the Family Forward Conference, all the attendees were given free wifi in our hotel rooms. But it did not take long for everyone to start complaining that the connection was slow. I suspect the problem probably had to do with a conference full of bloggers all logged in at the same time and using up all the bandwidth.

So I was very glad that Verizon loaned me a Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Mifi Hotspot to take on my trip to Orlando. Once I hooked it up, all the complaining about slow wifi connections stopped. My son was a happy camper for the reminder of the trip and I could surf the web with data speeds like my cable connection at home thanks to Verizon Wireless.  Verizon 4G LTE is awesome!!!

I take my Quirky on every vacation!
2. Quirky Pivot Power Strip

About 3 years ago, I made one of the smartest bargain purchases of my life when I found the Quirky Pivot Power Strip on sale at Target for only $10. The Quirky is a flexible power strip that pivots to allow you to plug in any size charger without blocking any of the other outlets. Whenever I travel I take the Quirky with me so that I have enough power outlets - no more plugging electronics in the bathroom because we ran out of outlets in the hotel room.

If you don't own a Quirky Pivot Power Strip, you should rush out and buy one immediately!  It is the first thing that I pack for every vacation.

I LOVE this camera!
3. Samsung Galaxy Camera

Last year, I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Smart Camera (powered by Verizon Wireless) and told everyone that it had me at "HELLO".  Well thanks to an awesome 1-day sale at Best Buy, I bought my own Samsung Galaxy Camera a month ago at a steal of a price and have been taking excellent photos ever since.

I took all the photos during my trip to Universal Orlando with my Samsung Galaxy Camera and even edited them, put them into photo collages, and uploaded them - all by using this one device since it is not only a camera with 21x zoom but also a smart device.

With its full Android OS, I can download apps (like Instagram, InstaPicFrame, Devicce Frame, YouTube, Hootsuite) from the Google Play Store to the device then edit and post my photos to my Social Media accounts - all one this one wonderful smart camera.

4. FREE Xfinity Wifi at Universal Orlando

Last month, I wrote a post entitled 3 Ways to Stay Wifi Connected While on the Go and one of three ways was by using Comcast Xfinity Wifi, which has a network of Internet connections available across the country where Comcast Xfinity customers can connect their devices for FREE to do anything from checking email to streaming a movie.

Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure, and Universal CityWalk provide their visitors with FREE Xfinity Wifi.  And since I and my son had setup our smartphones to use an Xfinity Wifi Hotspot back in Detroit, our smartphones automatically connected to the Xfinity Wifi at Universal the moment we walked into the parks. So while we waited in line, my son was able to stream youTube videos to pass the time for FREE without having to use his data plan - let the frugal travelers rejoice!!!

5. FREE Universal Orlando Smartphone App

Speaking of waiting in line, who wants to wait in a long line when you could be having fun doing something else while on vacation?  That is why if you are going to Universal Orlando, you have to download the Universal Orlando Smartphone App.

The app gives you maps of all the properties, including hotels, restaurants and attractions.  And you can use the app to find out the wait times of all the rides plus the ride height requirements for your kids.  This app makes your smartphone even smarter during your Universal Orlando vacation. The app is available as a FREE download for Apple and Android mobile devices.

So on your next vacation to Universal Orlando Florida, make sure you have the right technology to make your vacation a breeze. We sure did.


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