Wednesday, November 16, 2016

REVIEW: Dessert Jacs Caramel Apple Flavored Dog Treats by Bil-Jac

Today's guest reviewer knows a good dog treat when he sniffs one.  So keep reading pet lovers...

Hi Everyone. My name’s Harvey and I live in Livonia, MI.  I’m a Miniature Pinscher and I’m 16 years young. I got really lucky a few weeks ago. The nice humans from Bil-Jac sent me some complementary Halloween treats for review– Dessert Jacs Caramel Apple Flavored Treats.

Bil-Jac is a family-run and family owned company who says they are passionately committed to the health and well-being of dogs and puppies everywhere.  So I was looking forward to trying out my treats.

I’m enjoying the Dessert Jacs a lot. You should know that I’m a picky eater. Sometimes my human Mom buys me treats and I don’t like them. I act like I’m going to eat the treat but, instead, take it and hide it somewhere in the house so she doesn’t know that I think it’s yucky. Also, sometimes I eat treats for a while but then I just don’t like them anymore and stop eating them. So far, so good, though, with the Dessert Jacs. I haven’t had to find hiding places for them.

The treats are small and soft. The size is good for small guys like me. It helps me and my Mom maintain my healthy weight (9 whole pounds!). The size also makes them easier to eat. There are a lot of treats in the 10 oz. bag so they should last me a long time.

I usually don't get any Halloween treats. My Mom doesn’t share her candy with me. But this year I did get some treats and I think they’re pretty tasty. Thanks Bil-Jac.

And special thanks to my Mom Nancy for helping me write this review and to FREEISMYLIFE for giving me my 15 minutes of doggie fame.



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