Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FREE Cookie at Subway for taking their Online Survey

Get a FREE Cookie from Subway!

Last week, I told everyone about the great deal at Subway where you get BOGO FREE 6" Sandwiches during the month of November if you buy them before 9am at your participating Subway.  Well the FREE gets even better.

On the back of my receipt was a phrase that caught my eye - "Get FREE FOOD!".  I checked it out and found that if I took the online survey to tell Subway about my visit, I would get a unique code for a FREE cookie.

So I went to www.tellsubway.com to fill out the survey.  I was asked only a hand full of questions about what I liked and did not like during my visit, along with the Store number and the time and date of my visit.  All this information is on the receipt. They also asked for my email address so that they could send me the unique coupon code for the FREE cookie.

The unique coupon code can only be used at the Subway location that I entered in the survey and the unique code expires 1 month from the date that I took the survey.  I also need the original receipt to redeem the code to get the cookie.

I so love when FREE yields you even more FREE. Thanks Subway :)


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