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Get Cash Back for your Online Purchases using - IT'S FREE TO JOIN gives you mad Cash Back on your online purchases...

At heart, I am kind of lazy and don't like working too hard to get my freebies and discounts.  I really like when things just start out being free instead of me having to use coupons and jump through discount hoops.  And I have never really understood cash back programs.  It all seemed like too many work for me to go through.

And then came a BlogHer Party...
But while I was attending BlogHer11 in San Diego, I was invited to a party in the penthouse at the Hard Rock Cafe hosted by a discount coupon and cash back website called  Now the only reason that I went to the party was because I wanted to drink champagne and eat chocolate in the Hard Rock Penhouse Suite (don't judge me), not because I was interested in cash back programs. But, while I had the ShopAtHome reps all to myself, I asked for an in-depth explanation on how their cash back system works. 

How Does ShopAtHome Cash Back Work?
Basically, you sign up for a FREE account at  When you want to buy something at an online company, you go first to the website and type in the name of the online retailer in the search box.  ShopAtHome returns any promotional discount codes that are available and also tells you the amount of cash back you can get by going through a link on their site to make your purchase. 

Your unique link from ShopAtHome will take you to the brand site where you buy the item.  After the purchase, you will receive a check from ShopAtHome (as long as you don't return the item) in about a month for the amount of the cash back when your cash back total reaches $25 or more.

My "Ah Ha" Cheap Moment...
Even after the explanation, I was still not convinced - until I was thinking about making a purchase online at  I needed a new vacuum and I have been eyeing an Oreck Vacuum at Target.  Laura at has the same vacuum and she has been raving about how much she loves it.  I am thinking about buying it online at because I have some gift codes that I received as gifts.  The standard cash back amount for on is 3%.  But one day I received an email from ShopAtHome stating that the cash back amount for a limited time for would be 10% - Now that got my atttention!!! regularly sends out emails to alert their customers when the cash back amounts increase for a limited time.  Since the Oreck Vacuum that I have been eyeing is $300 (why do good vacuums have to cost this much money), the cash back for that day would have been a whopping $30 - Now I understand how Cash Back programs like ShopAtHome can save you some big bucks.

I recently bought my son some video games for Christmas on with a gift card that I was given.  I made sure that I went through the link to Target so that I got my cash back. I also had a discount code that I was able to apply. So not only were the games FREE with the gift card, but I also received 3% cash back from ShopAtHome plus the $5 discount from the code.

If you are going to do any Cyber Monday online shopping, make sure you signup for before Monday gets here. Since they have Cash Back programs with major retailers like,,, and, you will be leaving money on the table if you do any Cyber Monday shopping without going through ShopAtHome first.

I signed up for ShopAtHome and I also see the value of other cheap (frugal) individuals doing it who like to make online purchases.  I might have to wait a month to get my money back, but that is better than paying full price any day of week.  Amen!

You can use this link to signup FREE at


Disclaimer: I attended the party at BlogHer11 in San Diego where I was "forced" to eat yummy chocolate, drink expensive champagne and take mad swag including 5 lbs of Giradelli Chocolate which I had to hand carry back to Detroit like a baby. Don't worry, signing up won't hurt you unless you are afraid of saving money. This post contains an affiliate link.

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