Saturday, November 26, 2011

FREE Shipping on with the Target Red Credit or Debit Card - NO MINIMUM!

The Target Red Credit and Debit Cards just upped their game with FREE SHIPPING...

Last year, I told everyone about the Target Red Credit and Debit Cards that can be used in Target stores and on website to get 5% off ANYTHING that Target sells.  That 5% off  is on top of any other discounts you get and applies to things like food, and clothes and electronics that never go on sale like the Apple iPad. LOVE IT!

Now Target has stepped up their game with the Target Red Credit and Debit Cards with FREE SHIPPING EVERYDAY ON TARGET.COM.  That's right folks!  If you make your purchase on with a Target Red Credit or Debit Card, you get FREE shipping with NO MINIMUM!  And that is on top of getting the 5% off.

I personally have wanted to buy things on before, but did not because the price of shipping would kill the deal that I would have gotten. But now with FREE shipping, I will definitely be checking out more.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to apply for the Target Red Card. And don't worry if you have less that perfect credit because anyone with a checking account can qualify for the Target Red Card Debit Card.


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