Saturday, November 26, 2011

GIVEAWAY: McDonald's New Happy Meals now include healthy fruit & less fries - ENDS 12/2 (CLOSED)

New Happy Meal helps parents encourage their children’s nutrition-minded choices

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My son has been a little under the weather all weekend with no appetite. But when he finally was feeling better, what was his food request? Chicken Nuggets from McDonald's.

Now my kid can really eat when he is hungry so I bought him a 10 piece Chicken Nugget (only $1.99 at McDonald's restaurants within the city of Detroit) and a 6 piece McDonald's Chicken Nuggets Happy Meal. And this Happy Meal has some brand new changes.

Last Friday, McDonald's restaurants in Michigan came out with a new Happy Meal in support of the company’s recently announced “Commitments to Offer Improved Nutrition Choice.”

Introducing the more nutritious Happy Meals...
Available nationwide in January, the new Happy Meals all include Apple Slices (¼ cup or ½ serving). In addition to Apple Slices, the meal also includes a new smaller size French fries (1.1 ounces). For those who prefer apples only, an additional bag of Apple Slices is available in lieu of fries.

“As a dad with three school-age children at home, I know that helping kids to make good nutrition choices may be a challenge,” said Jon Campbell, executive board member of the Southeast Michigan McDonald’s Owners Association. “With the new Happy Meal, we’re helping to support parents in encouraging their children to enjoy the foods that are good for them, along with the foods they love by automatically including both apples and fries as part of a balanced, kid-appropriate meal. We’re excited this new offering will introduce about 100 million cups of produce annually into the diets of our youngest customers.”

Happy Meal + a 10 piece Chicken Nugget for my bottomless pit kid. The new Happy Meal has less fries and yummy Apple Slices
Loving those Apple Slices...
My son did not even notice he was having less fries with his meal. And he dug into those Apples Slices with abandon. Now I wish I had bought him the Happy Meal with no fries and double Apple Slices.

The New Happy Meal is the latest McDonald’s menu change to make their food more nutritious.  These changes include adding low-fat milk (1991), changing the McNugget recipe so that it’s made with white meat chicken (2003), and offering new Happy Meal choices like Apple Dippers with Low-Fat Caramel Dip (2004). More Happy Meal fruit and vegetable choices are under development and expected to roll out in the next few years.

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