Sunday, June 17, 2012

Get Rewarded while Watching TV and being Social - with Viggle

Earn Gift Cards & Prizes for being a Couch Potato... Seriously!!!

June means more than just the end of school and the beginning of Summer.  It also marks the hiatus of my favorite TV programs. No more Dancing with the Stars and American Idol.  And now I am a little lost as to what to watch on TV for the Summer.

So I was glad when I found out about a Social Media app for iPhone, iPad, iPod that allows me to find out about weekly TV programs - and also get paid to watch them.  The app is called Viggle and it allows users to watch TV programs, view TV ads, take surveys, share comments about programs you are watching with your Twitter and Facebook followers - and earn gift cards and prizes while doing it.

I have been using Viggle for the past three weeks and I have already earned two $5 Nook Gift Cards - just for watching TV as I would normally.

How does it work?
The Viggle app listens to your TV to verify that you are watching a program. Each one hour TV program that you watch will earn you approximately 60 points. Each $5 Nook gift card that I earned cost me 9000 points. So I know you are wondering how I earned 18,000 points in just three weeks.  Well, Viggle allows you to earn "Bonus Points" in addition to normal points for each show.

Featured Shows earn big points...
The "What's on" section has "Featured Shows" that you can watch for extra points. For example, the NBA Finals earned me an extra 300 points per broadcast. Also, during the NBA Finals broadcasts, I had the option of playing a game called "Play Along with MyGuy" where I picked a player and earned points for each shot and assist that the player made. I also earned 5 bonus points each for a "Social Share" which is sharing a check-in on Twitter and Facebook.

For another example, I watched the new Bravo show "Around the World in 80 Plates" with Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone.  I earned an extra 300 bonus points for it being a "Featured Show" and then played a game that followed the progress of the show that earned me extra points for each correct answer that I gave to the questions.

The Viggle app also allows me to follow the Twitter hashtags for shows and post comments on the shows to Twitter and Facebook as the shows are being broadcast.

Paid to watch ads? Sign me up...
Another way to earn big points is to watch TV ads in the Viggle app.  I earned 75 bonus points for watching a 20 second Burger King commercial, 75 points for a Bing ad about a Hawaii vacation, 75 points for watching a very cute Verizon ad about Grads and Dads, 30 points for a Fandango ad, 30 points for an ad for the show Kendra on Top and 30 points each for scary Bridezillas ad and an ad for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I was even rewarded to watch ads for products that I have featured on my blog including 50 bonus points for Lipton Tea & Honey and 75 bonus points for the new Burger King Menu.

Given all the bonus points available, you can earn about 500 points a night if you watch one Featured Show and view 3-4 ads. If you normally watch TV shows all day, you could earn about 2000 points per day which could earn you a gift card every 5 days.

The Rewards are Pretty Sweet...
Viggle says they update their prizes all the time. But currently, they have gift cards to Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Lowe's, Burger King, CVS Pharmacy, Apple, Foot Locker, Gap, Old Navy. Banana Republic, and Papa Johns. If you want to save your points for the really, really big prizes, you can earn a Kindle Fire, a Macbook Air, or a Royal Caribbean Cruise!!!

Give it a Try...
So if you love watching TV and want to be rewarded for it, give Viggle a try and signup today. You have nothing to lose and gift cards to gain :)



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