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TECH REVIEW: Q Card Case for iPhone 4S/4 by CM4 - A Marriage of Style & Protection

The CM4 Q Card Case protects the iPhone while still looking stylish...

Although I don't own an iPhone 4, I love the design of Apple's flagship device.  It has beautiful lines and a clean, minimum design that looks in a way like a piece of art. I am certain that one day this iPhone will be in a museum somewhere.

But what I don't like is when iPhone owners cover up the beautiful design of their smartphones with thick, bulky cases. Why have a beautiful iPhone is you are going to buy a case that makes it look like a marshmallow?

So when I received an email from a company called CM4 telling me about their new iPhone 4S/4 case called the Q Card Case, I had to stop and read about it when I saw the beautiful photos.

The Q Card Case for iPhone 4S/4 by CM4 is one of few cases I have seen that protects the iPhone while still looking stylish. It follows the natural lines of the phone so that the clean design of the iPhone is still visual while in the case.

The Q Card Case is made from soft-touch rubber with a premium fabric pocket on one side that can comfortably fits up to 3 credit cards plus cash bills. The case also comes with a "Lay-flat Screen Guard™" to provide extra protection for the iPhone screen and a premium microfiber cloth for cleaning the screen.

Lee is our guest reviewer for the Q Card Case
The Reviewer - Meet Lee...
CM4 sent me one of their Q Card Cases for review. Because I don't own an iPhone, I asked a co-worker of mine who has a beautiful white iPhone 4 to review the CM4 Q Card Case.

Lee has had his iPhone for quite sometime, but I have never seen it in a protective case.  When I asked Lee about it, he said that he has dropped the phone quite a few times, but has never bought a case because they all seem just too expensive for what he was getting. I thought that made Lee a perfect person to review the Q Card Case. 

Lee's iPhone inside the Q Card Case. Includes cleaning cloth & Screen Guard™"
Here are Lee's thoughts on the case in his own words....

The Good: The CM4 Q Card Case can hold a credit card, driver’s license, and twenty dollars in the pocket. The hard rubber case provides protection but can easily fit into a pocket. The leather pocket has a nice look and feel and a clever notch for removing items from the pocket.

The Bad: The Screen Guard™" protective film does not adhere to the screen very well and scratches way too easily.

Lee's iPhone 4 and the Q Card Case
The Design: The case is quite slim considering that it holds a few credit cards. It does not feel thicker than any of the hard plastic covers that are on the market. This is a good because if the case makes the phone too big or fat then it is difficult to carry in a front pant pocket. The leather pocket on the back has a nice upscale look with the single stitching and the color matching to the case.

The pocket can hold up to 3 cards + cash
The Features and Quality: The case seems to be made from a hard rubber that will provide enough protection when the phone is dropped. It will at the very least keep the scratches and dents from happening. The case covers all of the buttons except the mute/vibrate switch. The area over the buttons is flexible enough that using the volume buttons and the screen on/off buttons work very well. The case design, even though it has its thickness on the back where the camera lens is, has not interfered with taking pictures.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a phone case that can do more than just protect your phone, this is a very good choice. The ability to carry a couple of credit cards and some money with the phone has proved very handy.

Thanks for the review Lee.

The Q Card Case comes in Pink Sapphire, Black Onyx, Pacific Green and Pearl White and retails for $39.99 on the CM4 website.

The CM4 Q Card Case is also available on


Disclosure: CM4 sent FREEISMYLIFE a complementary white Q Card Case for review. All opinions are Lee's and no compensation was received for this review.  This post contains affliate links.

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