Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Make Sure You Check Out This Week's KFC "Rake In the Savings" Coupon Book

Great meal for only $3.50
Something told me to open this week's circular coupon ads and I am glad I did...

I think I have stated on more than one occasion on this blog that I am not that into coupons. I like for my purchases to come already free or discounted.  So I don't always open the ad circulars that are thrown my porch every week.  But something told me to open the one that I got yesterday and I am glad I did.

Inside was a coupon book for KFC. Now I don't usually go to KFC since the chicken, side with biscuit meals there start at $5.50 in my neighborhood.  But there was a coupon in the book to pay only $3.50 for a 2 piece drumstick & thigh meal with mash potatoes and gravy plus a biscuit.

Now that' my kind of meal for a fair price.  Time to eat :)


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