Monday, October 15, 2012

REVIEW: Calgon's Ageless Milk Bath - Heavenly!!!I

I loved the Calgon Ageless Milk Bath
Why do we moms always put ourselves last???

I have a confession - this review is two months overdue. You see, I was contacted over two months ago to see if I wanted to review Calgon's Ageless Collection, which is an anti-aging line of bath products advertised to rejuvenate and revitalize skin to exude a healthy natural glow.  Now I don't know many woman who would not want to try out those kind of products so of course I said yes.

When the Calgon Milk Bath with Serum Beads bottle arrived, I carried it straight to my bathroom with every intention of using it. But then something happened - actually nothing happened. I take a shower everyday because it is easy and allows me to get out the door fast. To try out the Calgon Milk Bath with Serum Beads, I would have to take the time to draw bath water and add the product - and well, take time for me. So the bottle just sat there - unused and unopened. Sad!

It was then that I realized that I was not going to take the time to use the Calgon Ageless Milk Bath until I made the time to put me first for once - and I finally did. 

I made the time to draw the water, add the Calgon Ageless Milk Bath, and even use my Energizer Vanilla Flameless Candle and FREE Mediation & Relaxation Music to set the mood. It was wonderful. It was heavenly. It was a special time that was overdue.

Calgon Milk Bath leaves the water soft and silky to the touch with no bubbles. My skin felt wonderful. And now that the seasons are changing, products like Calgon Ageless Milk Bath can proactively prevent scaly, dry and peeling skin from dry winds and the fluctuating weather in the fall and winter months.

So if you are like me and tend to put yourself last, STOP! And take 30 minutes to pamper yourself with Calgon's Ageless Collection of bath products which are available at local retail stores like Target and Kmart. Never overlook the importance of taking care of the first thing people see when looking at you…your skin!


Disclosure: I was provided with complementary product to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

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