Saturday, September 26, 2015

REVIEW: #MarvelUniverseLive thrills Metro Detroit audiences at the Palace of Auburn Hills

Disclosure: Feld Entertainment provided complementary media review tickets for me and my son to attend the Detroit opening night performance of Marvel Universe Live ...

Live Action, Stunt Bikes, Explosions, Martial Arts and more make Marvel Universe Live one thrilling show...

When I first asked my 15 year old son about going to see Marvel Universe Live, he was not that interested because he thought it was a show geared toward little kids.  But when he found it was really a show that brings Marvel comics to life with stunts, action, explosions and more, he was all in.

Marvel Universe Live is 90 minutes of thrills from beginning to end. The story revolves around Thor destroying a cube that can give the person who possesses it ultimate power. But Thor's brother Loki puts together a plan to create his own power cube and the Avengers, along with Spiderman, are determined to stop him.

I have embedded a live action video (published to my Instagram) from the performance below...

The show is like being part of a Marvel video game.  There are huge monitors that show Marvel comics and scenes that serve as the backdrop for the action. There is high energy music, martial arts fighting, stunt bike riding, explosions (lots and and lots of explosions), and ariel acrobatics all paired with a good vs bad storyline that has something for kids of all ages.

My only criticism of the show is, depending on where you sit, your view may be blocked to some of the action. We were sitting low to the floor and could not see some of the action that was high in the air, like when Spiderman was fighting on top of the Statue of Liberty. But overall, it was an excellent show that both my son and I loved.

The remaining Marvel Universe Live performances at the Palace of Auburn Hills include -

Saturday, September 26  7:30 PM
Sunday, September 27 11:30 AM 3:30 PM 7:30 PM

Tickets start at $20 and parking is $15 per car.


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