Thursday, January 5, 2012

FREE On Your Birthday: Gourmet Burger from Red Robin

One FREE Gourmet Burger in the month of your birthday from Red Robin

For the last few years, one of my friends at work has taken me to lunch at Red Robin Restaurant for my birthday. We both love the Whisky River Wrap and the fries.  The last time that I was at Red Robin, the waitress gave both of us a Red Robin Red Royalty Card, which I promptly forgot about.

I finally dug it out of my purse and registered it online at so I could claim my FREEBIES.

The first freebie happens the moment you register the card.  Here is the message that I received -

"As a thank you for being a Red Royalty™ Guest, visit us within the next 14 days, and receive a FREE appetizer of your choice when ordered. Present your registered Red Royalty™ Card or your phone number to your server and receive your FREE offer.  Only one reward is redeemable per visit."

So I get a FREE appetizer without even spending any money? SWEET!

The next freebie happens during the month of my birthday when I present the card to get a FREE Red Robin Gourmet Burger.

So just for registering the card, I get a FREE appetizer and a FREE Burger and I don't have to spend any money.  That's my kind of FREE.

So pick up a Red Robin Royalty Card the next time you are there so you can get your FREE ON too :)


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