Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FREE Pair of Eyeglasses (Frames & Lens) at - Limited Time Offer

Get a Free Pair of Select Glasses, just pay shipping

This freebie is very timely after my post this week on how I got my son a pair of new eyeglasses for only $15.96 total on the website. is offering a FREE Pair of Select Glasses (frames and lens) to new customers with discount code FIRSTPAIRFREE. If you don't select any extra options you will only have to pay standard shipping which is $6.95.

I found out about this freebie over on the Slickdeals website so go to this Slickdeals link to read the discussion thread to get lots more detail.  I did an Internet search and it looks like this free eyeglasses deal is something that this company has done a few times in the past.  I cannot find any information on when this deal ends.

I ordered a pair for my son for his backup eyeglasses. I searched for a frame that looked similar to the one I just ordered for him on EyeBuyDirect and found the Ltede 1002 in Brown (see photo above).

Once I placed my order, I was told I should expect the glasses on January 17th.  I will do a follow up once I get them to let everyone know if these glasses are as good as the ones I ordered from EyeBuyDirect.  For $6.95 it is totally worth finding out...


UPDATE: 1/20/2012 - I received the Coastal frames on 1/18 in the mail and my son loves them and received lots of complaints at school.  And I cannot complain about the price being on $6.95. Below are some photos of my son in his new eyeglasses -


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