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How I Saved a Bundle Buying My Son Prescription Eyewear at EyeBuyDirect

Once upon a time, there was a kid that could loss anything that was not nailed down and he needed eyeglasses...

Over the holidays, my son and I went to the doctor to have our eyes checked.  I have worn glasses for reading since I was a kid and I knew that my son was having trouble seeing things that are far away.  We went to an OptimEyes Super Center and the staff did an awesome job getting both our appointments completed in about one hour, start to finish.

Once our appointments were over, it was time to pick out some frames.  At the time, I had no idea that there was over ten people in line ahead of us and only one OptimEyes staff person available for assistance.  This fact actually turned out to be a very good thing in this story.

They told us to browse, so I took my son over to the kids area and he picked out some designer frames that he said were cool, and I agreed. The glasses really looked great on him. The frames were called B.U.M. Catcher and the price - $129.00. I figured with the lenses, I would be out well over $200.

So as I am watching my son styling and profiling in the mirror, I start to remember things - like the fact that my child has lost two wrist watches, his entire gym bag and all his school supplies since the beginning of the school year. And how none of these lost items have turned up in the lost and found at school.

I start thinking that this is the child that has walked out of Karate class without his expensive Karate equipment too many times to count. This is the kid that came back from Boys Scouts without his hat and gloves in 20 degree weather. This is the kid that can lose anything that is not nailed down.

I starting thinking that if I buy this kid $200 eyeglasses, he is going to lose them. And I am going to get very upset and start yelling and screaming. And he is going to claim that it's not his fault that he does not know where the glasses are. And I am going to start hyperventilating and be in need of medical care because I will have to spend another $200 to replace the lost glasses.

I start thinking - Do I really want this?  NOOOO!!!!

Since we are being ignored anyway, I head to the reception area to get a print out of our prescriptions so we can get out of this place. As I am driving home, I start to think about how I can get this kid some cool eyeglasses without spending $200 - since he is definitely going to lose them.

When I get home, I turn on my computer and start with an Internet search for B.U.M. Catcher frames. I find the exact frames on a discount prescription eyeglass website, but the company has terrible reviews from people who claim their lenses did not match their prescriptions and the company never returned their money. Yikes!

Do EyeGlass Bloggers Exist? YES!!!
Then I start wondering if there are any bloggers that specialize in discount eyeglasses, and low and behold, I hit the jackpot. The blog is called GlassyEyes and I start reading the first post called "Eyeglass Stores are for Suckers" - this blogger definitely has a way with words. I start reading more of his posts to see which websites he suggests that his readers buy from.

I end up on a website called EyeBuyDirect and start reading all the praise from Facebook fans who love the glasses that they bought from the site. Since this site does not sell B.U.M. designer frames, I use the photos that I took of my son in the B.U.M Catcher Frames as a guide and start looking for similar size and shape frames.

I found an EyeBuyDirect frame called the Rochester that is the same size specs and rectangular shape as the B.U.M. Catcher frame. The cost of this frame is $19.95 and price includes the anti-scratch lens, a protective case and a cleaning cloth !!!!!

Since this is an experiment, I don't buy any of the other options offered. I just type in my son's prescription and his pupillary distance and that's it. Since I notice the order form includes a discount coupon field, I do an Internet search that turns up an EyeBuyDirect coupon for 20% off with FREE shipping.  My total order comes to only $15.96. I am totally floored.

At this point, I don't know what to expect so I just go with the flow.  If this experiment turns out good, this will be the savings story of the year. If it turns out bad I am only out $15 and we go back to OptimEyes.

I put in my order on December 27th at 7pm and immediately get my first email from EyeBuyDirect thanking me for my order. At 8pm, I get another email with the following message -

We are pleased to advise that work on your new pair of prescription eyeglasses has begun! Our team is now allocating the selected frame(s) and lenses according to your particular needs. We expect work to last a couple of days and we will be sending you your new eyeglasses soon!

On December 28th at 1am (only 5 hours later), I get another email from EyeBuyDirect -

We are working on your lenses. This is the stage in which our optometric team cuts the lens to fit the frame and the prescription. Each lens has to be treated with utmost precision to fit each individual prescription and frame preference. We will probably have this finished by tomorrow and it should take another day or two to fit the lens in the frame you selected.

On December 30th at 1pm, I get yet another message -

We have completed work on your lens and will fit it in the frame soon. This may take a day or two since we might have to make slight adjustments to the lens. We don't want anything but a perfect fit to come out of our lab!

On January 1st at 2am, I get the message that they are done -

We're done! Your new eyeglasses are just about ready to go but before we send them let us please take one more look to make sure everything is OK. We are sure you will understand... By the way, did you know that there are seven (!!!) stages in which our team checks, then double checks, triple checks quadruple...

I don't hear back form EyeBuyDirect again until January 6th at 8am with the news that I have been waiting for -

Your new eyeglasses are ready and have been shipped to you via USPS on Friday 06 January, 2012. Please expect to receive them within 2 to 3 days (USA) / 5 to 7 days (Canada) from this date.

When I returned from work (today) on January 9th, my son's new glasses had arrived - within 3 days just as they stated.

So here is my son in his new $15 prescription eyeglasses.  Can you tell the difference between them and the B.U.M frames ??? The B.U.M. frames are a little more square, but other than that, these EyeBuyDirect Frames are very on point.

So I will be back online ordering my kid some backup eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect. At these prices, I will get 2 extra pair with anti-glare lens and some of the other options. But one pair will stay at home where he cannot lose them ;)

And a special Thank You to the GlassyEyes blog for all the great discount prescription eyeglass information.  Bloggers rock!

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