Tuesday, May 1, 2012

COUPON: $8 a day parking at Airlines Parking at Detroit Metro Airport ENDS 12/31

$8 a day Parking at Detroit Metro Airport (taxes included)

I just returned yesterday from a 5 day trip to Disney World for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference at the Disney World Yacht Club Beach Resort.  I had a great time and there will be many posts to follow on all my great experiences during the conference.

There is always a level of stress when traveling, but one thing that I did not have to worry about was long term parking because I used this coupon to get $8 a day parking at Airlines Parking near Detroit Metro Airport.

This is the long term parking lot that I always use when I am traveling and I like that this coupon includes all taxes so I know exactly what I will pay per day.

This $8 a day coupon expires December 31, 2012 so keep this page bookmarked for when you want to use long term parking when you travel out of Detroit Metro Airport.


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