Wednesday, February 13, 2013

May Your Valentine's Day be Equals Parts Great Food & Great Friends #GreatValue

Great Value makes any party great ...

Valentine's Day is a perfect time to party with family and friends - and what's a party without the food.  Last week I wrote a post about how I planned to use Great Value brand products that I purchased at my local Walmart store to treat some of my favorite people on Valentine's Day. I have been shopping store brand food products for years and overall find them to have the same great taste and flavor as the national brands but at a substantial savings.

I work with some great ladies that I affectionately call the "Tech Goddesses" and I used some yummy Great Value brand refrigerated dough cookies and other Great Value brand products to put together an awesome Valentine Day treat for the ladies. And with Great Value, my celebration was kind on my wallet...

I started out the morning baking some Great Value brand refrigerated dough chocolate chip cookies. Nothing like starting out the day with your entire house smelling of chocolate ;)

Great Value has everything you need...
To go with the yummy chocolate chip cookies, I also purchased some Great Value Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream, Great Value Chocolate Syrup and some Chocolate Candy Bars so that the ladies could experience my favorite Chocolate Cookie Bar Spectacular.

I could not wait for lunch time to come so I could lay out the items for our Valentine's Day celebration.

The best meal is one shared....
I had a little Daryl Hall and John Oates music playing in the background as we ate. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed themselves and got to know each other even better while sharing some great food.  The party even attracted more "Tech Goddesses" that I did not know - nothing like great food to make people even more friendly than usual :)

So I hope everyone's Valentine's Day is just as nice - and that you get to share it with the fun people in your lives.

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Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a sponsored blogging tour by The Motherhood and Great Value. All opinions are my own.

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