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Baking Easter Cookies doesn't have to cost a fortune with Great Value #GreatValue

These Bunny Sugar cookies are cheap, quick & easy to make with Great Value
Great Value to the rescue for Easter themed treats at a bargain price...

I cannot believe that it is already March and it's time to start thinking about Easter celebrations. It seems the year is just passing too quickly with our busy lives.

But you don't have to spend a lot of money or even time to make some great Easter themed treats for your family and friends - not with Great Value brand refrigerated dough items are as close as your local Walmart store. 

And I already know from using Great Value brand refrigrated dough for my Valentine Day baking that they make some great tasting products.

Start your Easter themed baking with Great Value refrigrated Cookie dough
My family loves cookies - especially chocolate chip and sugar cookies. And Great Value refrigerated Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookie dough makes baking special Easter themed cookies easy.

I have been shopping store brand food products for years and overall find them to have the same great taste and flavor as the national brands but at a substantial savings. And the Great Value brand that can be found at Walmart stores has some yummy refrigerated baking dough items that my family loves to eat.

While I was searching for some great Easter-themed recipes, I found one that I really think is super cute.

Bunny Sugar Cookies
Easter and the Bunnies just go together and so does this easy recipe for Bunny Sugar Cookies which has limited ingredients and uses no cookie cutters - I like when baking is super simple.

Ingredients -
- 1 tube of Great Value refrigerated sugar cookie dough
- Frosting in your favorite flavor
- Icing and candies for decorations

Slice two rounds of dough for each bunny.  One dough round will be for the bunny head.  Cut the 2nd dough round in two to use for the bunny ears.  Attach the two dough 1/2 rounds to the bunny's head to form the ears.  Bake as directed on the packing.

After baking, frost and decorate your bunnies.

Makes 12 Bunny Sugar Cookies.

Great tasting and a great value...
JUMBO Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Themed cookies are great, but I still love the simple classics. And Great Value Chocolate Chip Refrigrated Cookie Dough is great for baking plain old chocolate chip cookies - that taste anything but plain.  These jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies were made by slicing the Great Value refrigrated cookie dough tube into only 6-8 slices and then baking as directed on the packaging.

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Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a sponsored blogging tour by The Motherhood and Great Value. All opinions are my own.

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