Thursday, March 7, 2013

REVIEW: Pilo3: An Interactive Children's Story Book-3D Animation-Cooking Game for iPhone/iPad

Pilo3 teaches younger kids that cooking and trying new foods is fun...

When my son was much younger, he was the most picky eater on earth - seriously!! He ate only hot dogs and chicken nuggets and would never try anything new.  If I put anything on his plate that he did not want, he would refuse to eat.

Like my son, lots of young children are afraid of trying new things. But a set of new children's story books for iPad and iPhone attempts to make a game out of getting your kids to try new things.

The Pilo series of story books uses 3D animation and interactive games to teach young kids new skills and to try new experiences - all taught to them by Pilo, a pillow fairy from the dream world.

I reviewed Pilo3:An Interactive Children's Story Book-3D Animation-Cooking Game app on my iPad and I found myself wishing this type of technology would have been around when my son was younger to teach him cooking, recognition and sequencing skills.

The star in the story a either little boy named Tommy or a little girl named Sunny. That is because your child gets to pick if the character is a boy or a girl. Your child also gets to choose the ethnicity of the main character and if the story is read to them in English, Chinese, or Korean. I decided to pick Tommy as the main character when I tried out the app.

The story opens with Tommy's mom trying to get her son to try some new foods.  Mom has some yummy soup and also hot from the grill pancakes to try (yes that is an odd combination of foods). But our picky little eater will try none of it and decides to skip eating and go to bed. That's when Tommy's favorite pillow named Pilo takes Tommy to the dream world where he learns many new things.

After playing a shape matching game to open the door to the dream world, Tommy meets a chef who asks Tommy if he would like to learn how to cook. Tommy is a little scared to learn to cook at first, but then decides to give it a try and ends up learning many new things because he decided to be more open minded.

One game that Tommy plays involves learning how to cook pancakes. In the game, you have to learn how to flip the pancakes to keep them from burning on the grill. Flip to too slowly and they will burn.  Flip seven pancakes just right and you win the game.

Another game in the story involves Tommy learning how to decorate a birthday cake. When you pickup an item to decorate the cake, the game will show you where to place it on the cake and how many of the item to place on the cake. This game teaches kids how to follow commands in the correct sequence.

Another skill taught in the story is how to get dressed. There is a special screen in the story where kids get to dress Pilo the Pillow fairy in a variety of crazy clothing. And whichever outfit they pick, Pilo wears throughout the entire story until they change it again.

The Pilo3:An Interactive Children's Story Book-3D Animation-Cooking Game would be great fun for younger kids. I doubt they would ever know they are learning lots of new skills while having fun and playing games.

And if you child loves this book, there are other books in the Pilo series that teach music, ABC's, and more while using fun games.

Pilo3:An Interactive Children's Story Book-3D Animation-Cooking Game sells for $2.99 in the Apple app store and requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhon4, Iphone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad.


Disclosure: I received a free game download and was compensated for my time to review the app. All opinons are my own.

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