Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Say Hello to Spring with cookies from #GreatValue

Spring has Sprung with Great Value...

Although Spring is not officially here yet, I brought a little of the flavor of Spring to my workplace today with a few goodies made with Great Value refrigerated dough.

Last week I wrote a post about how I planned to use Great Value brand refrigerated sugar and chocolate chip cookie dough to bake up some early Easter treats. I have been shopping store brand food products for years and overall find them to have the same great taste and flavor as the national brands but at a substantial savings.

My initial plan included jumbo chocolate chip cookies (always a favorite) and some Easter bunny shaped sugar cookies.  But the best laid plans of a mom never seem to mesh with those of her kids.

When my son found out that the cookies were going to be shaped like bunnies, he was not a fan. It seems I forgot that my "baby boy" is going to be a teenager soon and he might think that bunny shaped cookies were a bit on the childish side. So after I bit of "discussion", the sugar cookies were a go - but in a more traditional shape :)

But I decided to bring in the fun factor by allowing everyone to decorate their own cookies using tube icing and sugar sprinkles in spring pastel colors - and boy did everyone enjoy putting together their cookie masterpieces!

Everyone loved my Spring decorations. They are so cute that I may have to leave these up for a while...

The minute I opened up the cookies, the aroma alone had everyone at work smiling. Nothing like good smelling cookies to make people happy...

And then came the cookie decorating. It was very amusing to see adults turn into happy little kids playing with their food...

The chocolate chips were history in no time flat, followed closely by the sugar cookies. Everyone had an awesome time and definitely could not tel that these delicious cookies were a store brand. When I got home, my son devoured his so fast that I could not even get a photo of them :)

But you don't have to spend a lot of money or even time to make some great Easter themed treats for your family and friends - not with Great Value brand refrigerated dough items are as close as your local Walmart store.

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Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a sponsored blogging tour by The Motherhood and Great Value. All opinions are my own.

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