Monday, May 20, 2013

All Flickr accounts now get a Terabyte of FREE storage for your Photos

Photo lovers can now get a terabyte of free storage with Yahoo's Flickr...

I have never been much of a Flickr fan.  I am a fan of the search engine, which searches the Flickr creative commons for photos that bloggers can use royalty FREE (as long we give a link back to the photo source).  But since I did not want to pay to have an unlimited Flickr account to store my own photos, I never used the service for photo sharing - until now.

In the past, Free Flickr accounts only provided a handful of photo storage. But now all Flickr accounts get a Terabyte of FREE storage - HOLLA!!!!

And you don't have to have a yahoo account to signup for a Flickr account.  You can signup for a FREE Flickr account using your Facebook or Google account.

According to the Flickr blog -

"At Flickr, we believe you should share all your images in full resolution, so life’s moments can be relived in their original quality. No limited pixels, no cramped formats, no memories that fall flat. We’re giving your photos room to breathe, and you the space to upload a dizzying number of photos and videos, for free. Just how big is a terabyte? Well, you could take a photo every hour for forty years without filling one.  And yep, you heard us. It’s free."

To get started with a FREE terabyte of photo storage, just go to 


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