Monday, May 20, 2013

TECH: TYLT makes great Tech Gifts for Grads for under $40

Your Tech loving Grad will love the TYLT Zumo and Y-Charge...

Special thanks to TYLT for facilitating this review with complementary products

To encourage my son with his studies, I told him that if he was able to pull up his grades to all A's, I would buy him a new smartphone (yes, I bribe my kid from time to time).  Guess what? Yep, he did it. So he is now proudly sporting his new phone - and using it like there is no tomorrow.

Smartphones are wonderful for texting, taking photos, reading eBooks, playing games and watching Netflix and Hulu Plus -as long as the battery lasts. And my son is wearing his smartphone battery down long before his day is over.

So if you have to buy for grads that use their gadgets as much as my son does, here are some products made by TYLT that they will love to get as gifts ...

TYLT Y- Charge _ Syncable Cable - $30
My son and I are both loving the TYLT Y-Charge Dual USB Car Charger + Syncable Cable. The unique Y-shaped design allows two devices to charge at the same time while also routing the USB cables to the left and right of the car charging port so that they won't tangle. And the 2 foot long coordinating color syncable allows the device to easily rest in the car location that is the most convenient for charging. The cable is also flat which makes it tangle free.

Pros -
- Unique design that will get a double look
- Cool colors that appeal to teens and adults
- Durable
- Tangle free design

Cons -
- Might be considered pricey

The TYLT Y-Charge Dual USB Car Charger + Syncable Cable comes in red, green, blue, black and retails for $30 for the set.  In the world of boring car chargers, this fashionable one stands out in a crowd and makes the perfect gift.

The TYLT Zumo is easy to carry and use - no extra cords needed!
Last weekend, my son went to Cedar Point, an amusement park located about 90 minutes from Detroit.  One thing that worries parents the most about kids being away from home is that their phone battery will die and we won't be able to contact them.  I did not have to worry about my son's smartphone battery because I made sure he took the TYLT Zumo Portable Charger with him.

The TYLT Zumo Portable Charger features a 1,500mAh lithium ion battery that provides up to 4 hours of extra talk time for my son's phone. The unit has built-in flex arms that extend to charge my son's smartphone or charge the Zumo battery. And the arms fold flat inside the unit when not needed. I like this because there are no extra cables for my son to lose.

The Zumo has easy to read LED lights that can tell you at a glance how much battery life is available by just pressing a button the front of the unit. And the best part of the TYLT Zumo portable charger is it will retain its charge for up to a year if not used.

The Zumo comes with a removable carabineer so my son was able to clip the unit to the belt loop on his pants while at the amusement park so that he could carry it without even thinking about it. The carabineer also allows the Zumo to be clipped to his backpack when he is at school.

Pros -
- So portable you can carry it anywhere
- No cords needed to use it - LOVE!
- With the carabineer, you can attach it to the outside of a bag or purse
- Charge can last up to a 1 year if not used

Cons -
- The 1,500mAh lithium ion battery of the Zumo only charges my son's smartphone to about 80% before it is all used up. So it will not fully charge every smartphone (If you need more battery life, check out the TYLT Powerplant Portable Charger)

The TYLT Zumo Portable Charger is available in 30-Pin Apple connector and Micro-USB versions and retails for between $40 and $45.

With great fashionable and usable tech gadgets like the TYLT Y-charge and Zumo, gift giving for grads is easy, stylish and affordable.


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