Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Mother's Day is this Sunday and Hallmark has a card that is perfect for your one-of-a-kind Mom

I love these Hallmark Mother's Day cards from the Sara Jessica Parker collection...
Hallmark and Mother's Day just go together....

Just five years ago, I was the type of person that either did not bother with special occasion cards or just purchased cheap generic ones from wherever I happened to be shopping at the time. I just did not see the point of spending money on cards for special occasions. But all that changed one Christmas season when I found that Hallmark had a online coupon for $5 off a $5 purchase.  That wonderful coupon got me into my neighborhood Hallmark Gold Crown store and allowed me to purchase tons of Hallmark Cards and Gift Wrap at great prices.

But a funny thing happened after I got all those bargain Hallmark items home - I started to notice how really great the cards were and how superior the gift wrap and gift bags were to the generic kind.  I am really a picky person and Hallmark made items that I wanted to receive from my own friends and family.

And the next thing that I knew, I was online signing up for a Hallmark Rewards Card which allows me to earn FREE and discount Hallmark cards and items.

And from that moment, I slowly but surely became a Hallmark Gold Crown customer, so much so that when I need a last minute card for any occasion, I find myself in the nearest Hallmark store picking out cards from their very large collection.

With Mother's Day only a few days away, I was very happy when Hallmark sent me a few complimentary Mother's Day items for review that allowed me to sample a little something from a few of their card lines.

From a simply adorable card with a caricature of a mom wearing an apron that is actually a removable handkerchief from the Hallmark Signature Collection, to the colorful, funky and hip cards from the Sara Jessica Parker collection (including one with a designer stiletto shoe on the cover), to the Magic Mitt card that allows kids to transfer their handprints on the card, Hallmark is keeping up with the times and producing both traditional and modern cards that Moms love to receive - and to collect as keepsakes.

Customly Yours allows you to give Mom a keepsake with your own words...
Hallmark even has "Customly Yours" items that allow you to go online and personalize a laser-cut insert for the included frame so that your Mom has a one-of-kind keepsake with a message that expresses exactly how you feel.

So if you looking for a special card for Mom for this Mother's Day, check out your nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store where you can find a card that is perfect for your one-of-a-kind Mom.  You will probably see me there checking out the Hallmark Mahogany Collection with my Hallmark Rewards card in hand :)

Part of the 2014 Mother's Day Gift Guide

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