Wednesday, October 15, 2014

KICKSTARTER: Kindness, Kids, and Virtual Reality do go together with "A Better World for Kids" Game

This post is sponsored by ToonUps. All opinions are my own because I love to do good to the neighborhood...

This crowdsourcing campaign about Games, Kids and Kindness deserves a second look....

When I started my blog seven years ago, I had two major goals in mind. First, I wanted to help my readers to stay positive in a down economy by sharing my unique perspective on saving money. But more importantly I wanted to have a voice in how people in my community perceived their everyday lives.

There is so much negatively in the news that at times it is hard to turn on the TV or read a newspaper without cringing. So I wanted to start my own online community where I could share information about the good things that are going on in the neighborhood. And what could bring a smile on any face faster than blogging about businesses and organizations that want to reach out and market to the community through offering complementary and discounted products and services.

I think there is just something wonderful about knowing you can go online to a special place to get a dose of daily positivity and a sense of shared community.

Here comes "A Better World Kids" ...

With community and positivity in mind, I was intrigued when I found out about a new Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign by ToonUps to produce a virtual online game for kids that aims to teach them a sense of community through acts of positively and kindness, both in the game and in real life.

The mission of the team at ToonUps is to make uplifting games and apps that brighten the world. I first became acquainted with ToonUps in 2011 when I began playing the Facebook game called "A Better World. "

The Virtual Me inside the original "A Better World" Facebook Game
I loved playing "A Better World" because  I was able to make my virtual self look like my real self by choosing skin color, hair color, nose, eyes, clothing - the works. Then I was given some money (hello, you know I love having money) and let loose to build my life. But the really great thing about A Better World is that I earned money from doing good! Yep, you earn Do Good Gold and Better Bucks by performing acts of kindness.

Kids can create a virtual character that looks just like them..
And just like in the original "A Better World" game, the new "A Better World for Kids" virtual game allows children to make a virtual character that looks just like them and then earn Do-Good Gold by completing tasks both within the virtual game world, and also in the real world.

Do-Good Gold can then be used by your kids to purchase in-game merchandise like clothes, homes, and even pets.

And Parents will be able to program chores and other tasks into the game and have children receive virtual prizes when real world deeds are completed.

If you love a little positivity like I do, check out for more information on how you can help fund this effort to do a little good in the neighborhood.


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