Friday, January 29, 2010

Homeless in Detroit - Help Save the Shrine Circus

Sign a petition to help save the Shrine Circus in Detroit

Did you see the article in today's Detroit News about the Shrine Circus being "Homeless in Detroit"? The Shrine Circus has been coming to Detroit to do their yearly fundraiser for 103 years. Pretty impressive. But this year the tradition may not happen.

The Shrine Circus had been located at the State Fair Grounds in previous years. Well, we all know that the State Fair closed last year after 160 years due to our state's economic problems. Now, due to the closing of the State Fair Grounds, the Shrine Circus does not have a home either.

The Shriners are petitioning the Governor to let them still have their fundraising event at the State Fair Grounds. Their event helps to bring $40,000 to our troubled economy.

If you want to help, please sign the petition.
Also tell me your thoughts on this issue by leaving a comment below. Should we try to perserve our Michigan traditions like the State Fair or take the stand that if a organization cannot support itself, it should not be in business...


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