Saturday, January 30, 2010

Movie Review: "Dear John" by guest blogger Patti Dudek

Movie lover Patti Dudek followed @freeismylife on Twitter to score two advance screening passes to see "Dear John". Patrica kindly agreed to share her opinions in this movie review.

A great film touches you, even when there is nothing to relate to and I want to tell you that Dear John is that type of film, but I can’t. It touched me- but mostly because I could relate to lots of it!

The loss of a great love is heartbreaking, and watching a film about loss brings back that heartbreak – no matter how long ago it was. This film is also painful as it takes viewers back to the drama of 9/11, addresses the worries/stress of raising a child with a disability, making peace with imperfect parents and our imperfect life choices. It shamed me for forgetting to appreciate the continued sacrifices of those that bravely serve our country and those of us that love them.

The acting was realistic especially the role played by Richard Jenkins as the flawed yet devoted single father with a love of coin collecting. He is an underrated and under appreciated actor, like my beloved Kevin Bacon.
All this pain and love were actually enjoyable until the end of the film. It helped that the main actors are beautiful! The collective groan from audience at the end was illustrative that we were all cheering for a happily ever after for these two lovely characters. My comment was that this is the worst ending since Gone with the Wind’s , “After all tomorrow is another day”. My wise daughter however thought about it long and hard. She determined the ending was ok by her because it allowed us to create the best of all endings for each of us in own imaginations.

So, enjoy and please share your stories of lost love; and the wonderful endings you come up with…

Patricia Dudek is the principal of Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek & Associates. Her law practice concentrates in elder law, Medicaid and estate planning, estates/trust administration, probate, administrative law, and disability advocacy. You can follow Patricia on twitter at @PattiDudek.

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  1. I also enjoyed to free passes and my friend and I enjoyed the movie, and the ending. Yes, while things don't always end the way we like, sometimes they do. And, the connection they shared in the movie was real, mature and smart. While the romance was 14 days, it is the time spent connecting in letters and life that makes the difference in real relationships. The only thing my friend found frustrating was that the father would never have "hugged" his son due to his autism. That was unrealistic she says. But movie overall, well worth it. And, yes it helps that he is beautiful.