Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Movie Review: Edge of Darkness

Tonight, I went to an advance screening of the new Mel Gibson movie, Edge of Darkness. I received the movie passes courtesy of Movie Show Plus.

Before you see this movie, you need to ask yourself some questions: What would you do if your only child was murdered right in front of your eyes? What if your child was the only thing that was truly important to you and you are now a person with nothing to lose?

Any parent would want justice for the murder. And that is how Edge of Darkness plays out to the audience. We all fall in love with Detective Thomas Craven, who loses his only daughter in a horrible execution style slaying on his own front porch. Now he must use all of his skills as a detective to figure out why she was killed and who is responsible.

The movie takes the viewers with Craven through plot twists, mind games, revelations and disappointments with trusted friends and government officials, and finally an understanding of why all this madness has happened.

Mel Gibson gives a wonderful performance as a father who deeply loved this daughter and wants only revenge for her death. You feel the depth of his pain and sorrow and his need for justice.

As the body count goes up, the audience is rooting for Craven, but we all know that when a man has nothing to lose, and is on the edge, nothing is what we expected in the end.

This is a thrilling movie, but also very sobering. It will get every parent right between the eyes. When I came home, I made sure that I kissed my child and told him that I loved him.

Edge of Darkness opens this Friday, January 29th...


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