Monday, January 4, 2010

Tech Review: "Lola's Flag Adventure" for iPod

I love technology. Since I have an IT degree, it kind of goes with the territory and my son has also inherited my techno love. So when I was asked last week to review a new game for kids and adults called "Lola's Flag Adventure", I was like "YES!".

Lola's Flag Adventure is billed as a game where you and your children can have fun and learn the world flags together with little Lola panda in two challenging flag games: Memory (4-9 years) and Trivia (+6 years).

The game introduces the flags of the world biggest countries with high quality voice guidance and colorful graphics that make the gaming experience exciting and rewarding for all children around the world. Lola is suppose to show you and your children how fun learning can be! The game is available for $1.99 on Apple’s App Store. Currently it has two language versions – English and simplified Chinese, but more will be added in the future. I was provided a code to download the game for free for review.

It all sounded great. The only problem was the game is for iPhone and iPod Touch. All my electronics are running on Microsoft operating systems. Darn!

Enter my iPod friend Eric and his 8 year old daughter Miranda, who graciously agreed to give "Lola's Flag Adventure" a try. Eric downloaded the game from the iTunes store to Miranda's iPod - yes, the lucky kid had her own iPod.

Miranda loved the game. She actually knew several of the flags… which highly impressed her father! Of course, he already knows that she is a genius.

Miranda found the game very fun to play. She thought the slider control to select answers to Trivia was okay. Eric also played the game and thought it was fun, but he thought it would be even better if there was an option to also get country information.

When Eric asked Miranda if she would want to play the game in the future, Miranda said "Yes, definitely!" Miranda started playing the game on Saturday, January 2nd and she is still playing it today. According to Eric "Miranda couldn't wait to play the game again. She really seems to enjoy it. I don’t think she realizes it’s actually teaching her something. Sometimes “educational” is a dirty word for her! "

So "Lola's Flag Adventure" gets two thumbs up from Miranda and Eric. There is nothing more pleasing to a parent than a child who is learning and is happy about it...
(Photo above is of my guest reviewer, Miranda. Cute PJ's girl!)


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