Monday, January 11, 2010

I Love Shopping at JCPenney (don't tell)

Don't tell anyone, but I shop at JCPenney.
Then again, if you tell any of my friends they probably would not believe you anyway. I love fashion and have since I graduated from college. I love designer brands and well made quality clothes and I have have bought a lot of designer clothes over the years.

But as the years have passed, I have become very frugal with my shopping. You cannot buy as many designer brands when you have a kid because kids are expensive. But still, I would not have been caught dead shopping at JCP a few years ago. I grew up loving J.L. Hudsons and the whole ambiance that goes with a high scale department store.

But the economy has also changed department stores. J.L. Hudsons was bought out by Marshall Fields, who was in turn bought out by Macys. Lord & Taylor closed and shopping choices are now more limited. Ambiance? Please! High quality department store shopping bags have been downscaled into cheap plastic sacks (yuck!). Macys had downscaled to the point where I sometimes think I am in Sears. Stores are selling less designer clothes and opting for "private brands" so they can keep more of the profit.

So when a friend gave me a JCP gift card two years ago, I went in just to use it for my son. Coming out of the store, I had to go through the women's department. That is when I saw a beautiful matching twin set. Hmmm... Since I need petite size tops, I just knew the twin set was not in my size. Then I noticed that JCP has a petite department and the twin set came in my size. And it was on sale. And I had a 15% off coupon. Hmmm....

I bought it. I loved it. I still love it.

So I became a closet JCP fashionista. On every JCP receipt is special number that can be used to do an internet survey to get a 15% off coupon. So I started sneaking in on my lunch hour to see what was on sale in the petite department so I could use my coupon. That is when I noticed that JCP has lots of new designer brands. My favorite is Ralph Lauren which is branded at JCP as "American Living". This is a great brand that has dresses, tops, pants, jeans, handbags, and socks (soup to nuts) for women, men and children. I also love the brand 'I “Heart” Ronson' by Charlotte Ronson which does some great dresses. Do I buy all my clothes at JCP? Heck no! But I do buy all my wardrobe basics there and mix them with my existing high end clothing and shoes.

JCP has a Reward program where you can earn $10 gift certificates. You register your credit card and the program tracks for you when you reach enough points for your gift certificate. They also give you $10 gift certificates from time to time just for being a reward user. I usually get about three "just because" $10 gift certificates per year outside of my normal rewards based on points.

JCP also has great clearance sales where they give an extra percent off the already marked down price. They usually start out at an extra 15% off and tops out at an extra 50% off - and you can use your 15% off survey coupon AND $10 rewards certificate on top of all these discounts! I have bought clothing for up to 97% off.

So I think you now see why I love shopping at JCP. Designer brands, sales, coupons, and free gift certificates. All the elements a bargainista loves...


  1. I recently found JCPenney myself and I think I love it. Truthfully I am not fond of shopping, but I do find myself wandering over there more and more these days. Saw some real cute boots over there yesterday...

  2. Dora,

    Make sure you do your survey to get your 15% off coupon. It makes shopping even more fun when there are additional discounts.

  3. Nothing wrong with a great bargain :) Sometimes you need to dig at JCP, but I always seem to find things as well!

  4. There's nothing wrong with shopping at JCPenney! Half of America's families shop there. They are considered an upscale department store and definitely are not at the level of a "Target, Kmart or Walmart". Their prices are considered more on the upscale part. Their biggest competitors are Macy's and Kohl's. Plus their stores look very high end when you walk in! Especially with the additions of Sephora inside JCPenney!

    It's an awesome place to shop and the associates are so helpful! People always compliment my outfits from there.

  5. I LOVE JC PENNEY. I have found so many cute and classic Worthington pencil skirts that I adore. Spent $300 on a new business-casual wardrobe there for college and walked out with a lot of stuff for my money. Great deals and great clothes! Beats shopping at Forever 21 all the time like I used to :) Clothes from JCP actually LAST.