Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Review: Rainbow Brite CD Pak

Do you remember Rainbow Brite from your childhood? Well Rainbow Brite is back for a new generation of kids.

Follow guest blogger Valerie Gill as her daughters try out the Rainbow Brite CD Pak.

My two daughters were asked by FREEISMYLIFE to test drive a new Rainbow Brite CD Pak. The CD pack was provided to me for free by MomSelect and Hallmark. I remembered Rainbow Brite from when I was a child so I was anxious to see how my girls would like it. It was an exciting opportunity for all of us since also I like to review games. My girls, Lydia and Leah are ages 8 and 6 respectively. Although they are separated by only 19 months, both girls have varied interests. Lydia likes anything that makes her feel grown up – while Leah embraces her "youthfulness"! Needless to say, I didn't know if the CD would be interesting to them both. I had no worries, however. Both girls loved the CD!

Once we got the CD loaded, Leah started with the games. Match games are some of her favorites and it was really cool how the game got progressively more difficult as she got better. Leah loves a challenge and gets quickly bored if she masters a game quickly and it doesn't get harder. Next was Lydia's turn. She zeroed in on the story aspect – learning all about each of the Rainbow Brite characters in the videos. One of Lydia's new favorite things is to create books to share with her friends. She loved the coloring pages and thought the characters were cool. So she created 3 "coloring books", by printing out the pages and one color front page. A click with the stapler and she had books to share with her best friends at school.

When I asked them their favorite thing about the CD, they both mentioned how much they love the Theme song. They wrote down the words and created a little dance to go with it. We've had the CD for about 2 weeks and the girls return to it time and time again. We can't wait to get the doll collections at Target. I say, we, because I'm looking forward to getting a Rainbow Brite doll of my own!!

Valerie Gill is a software professional, wife, mother of 2 and certified "little girl at heart" who lives in suburbs of Detroit.


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