Saturday, February 20, 2010

REVIEW: What I learned from MICKEY MOUSE: Disney Social Media Moms Conference (PART 7): One Last Mickey for the Road

The Disney Social Media Moms Conference ended on Friday (2/12), but we had enough time on Saturday before our plane took off to go to either Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom. We chose Magic Kingdom since it was only a monorail stop away from our wonderful hotel, the Disney Polynesian.

The Disney Polynesian Resort - Loved It!
I have only stayed at a Disney value resort prior to this trip, so the Disney Polynesian Resort was a wonderful upgrade in travel accommodations. The hotel is beautiful with lush grounds, a stylish lobby and huge, luxurious rooms all done in a Polynesian theme. Continuing with the Polynesian theme, guests get leis upon check-in and kids are given hula lessons in the lobby. The hotel has 3 restaurants, 2 gift shops and is on the monorail stop for fast, weather friendly transportation to all the Disney parks.

The customer service at the Polynesian was great. My son lost his backpack at Epcot and when I called the hotel lobby, they explained the lost-and-found process to me and connected me directly to Epcot and my son had his backpack returned the next morning. The only thing that we did not get to check out at the Polynesian was the pool since it was bitter cold for the entire time we were in Florida.

Magic Kingdom still has the Magic
I have not been to the Magic Kingdom in years, but it still holds magic. We rode Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and my son's favorite, Stitch's Great Escape. We also were front and center for the Disney Main Street Parade. We were standing right in front of Mickey's float and were right behind Mickey when the conga line formed. We all were laughing and having a wonderful time.

My favorite attraction was The Hall of Presidents. I was expecting a traditional wax museum, but I should have known better considering Disney's motto to "surprise and delight". The attraction is a full show of the history of the Presidents narrated by actor Morgan Freeman and all of the wax figures talk and move during the show. It was so life-like that it was amazing.

A Special Gift for Me.
I am not a t-shirt souvenir type of girl, but I wanted to buy myself something from Disney to help me remember this great trip. On our way out of the park, we shopped in a fine crystal shop on Main Street and I bought a hidden Mickey ring that was beautiful (and cheap). Beautiful jewelry is my kind of souvenir.

Orlando Airport is a Blogger's Dream
The Disney Magical Express bus picked us up right on time from the Polynesian and we arrived in 40 minutes at the airport. When we checked in, we found that our plane was going to be delayed 40 minutes. So we had dinner at the Burger King in the airport and I was able to take out my netbook and get some work done since the airport has FREE Wi-fi. It was wonderful. I checked my email and did a blog post and before I knew it, it was time to board the plane. Sweet!

Well, I have finally come to the end. They say that seven is the number signifying completeness, so I hope you have enjoyed this seven-part series on the Disney Social Media Moms Conference at Disney World because I had a ball writing it.

So what did I learn from Mickey Mouse? Well I definitely learned that education does not happen just in a school classroom, that we all need to reinvent ourselves from time to time to keep up with the competition, and that we can learn, give back, and have fun all at the same time.

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  1. Great post! I'm sorry I didn't meet you when we were there. Next year? My fingers are crossed that they will do it again....

    I saw your tweet, glad I found you!